Should a high level SARGENT Signature master key be lost or stolen, reversing the blocking bars in each lock cylinder and replacing all of the keys is an alternate option to a complete rekeying of the key system.

The term high security has evolved to encompass manipulation resistant lock mechanism(s) and key control, usually patented. There are a number of different types of high security lock mechanisms. Some incorporate multiple shear lines designed to prevent standard picking/manipulation instruments from...

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The SARGENT Signature blocking bar ridge is offset for a purpose. This enables each blocking bar to be reversed, creating a new set of side pin battings. Should a high level SARGENT Signature master key be lost or stolen, reversing the blocking bars in each lock cylinder and replacing all of the keys is an alternate option to a complete rekeying of the key system.

Note: Signature keys six pin tumbler bittings can be originated or duplicated using standard key cutting machine.

Because Signature locks and keys can use standard keyways and standard appearing key stock, SARGENT decided to provide an identifier, a quill (feather). All of SARGENT Signature lock cylinders and keys have this quill stamped into the plug faces and the key bows.

To satisfy the end user's requirements, there are two styles of Signature key bows. One bow style contains the SARGENT logo embossed on one side and the Quill logo, specific Signature code pattern and space for one additional line of stamping. The SARGENT code pattern is seven characters. The sample key was stamped with 5J8Z124. The other bow style is blank on the logo side. This enables the end user to have a custom stamping die to personalize their keys. Contact the factory for details.

SARGENT Signature keys are patented, providing controls against unauthorized key duplication. SARGENT Manufacturing controls distribution of Signature key blanks and cylinders. Availability is determined by the keyway, side pin dimple and pattern configuration and geographic area.

End users' needs determine the area of exclusivity for their keyway and the side pin configuration. SARGENT Signature lock mechanisms are available having designated geographic boundaries. The National Boundary incorporates a unique signature pattern that will not be assigned to any other company within the United States .

The next geographic boundary option is Adjacent States, which includes the home state and all adjoining states. For example, a home state of Illinois will have adjoining states of Wisconsin , Iowa , Missouri , and Kentucky .

The third option is for companies that already have an Adjacent State boundary, and have expanded to an additional facility within an adjoining state. Smaller in scope than the National boundary, this incorporates additional states to the Adjacent States and incorporates all Adjoining States. For more information, contact the factory.

SARGENT Signature lock cylinders are serviced the same way as standard pin tumbler lock cylinders. There are two options. The first option is to use a follower to remove the plug from the housing once the cylinder is unlocked. The second method is to remove spring retainer and empty the top, master and bottom pins from the plug and bible.

Note: The blocking pins and side pins are secured into the plug, and are not affected when a plug is removed from the housing.

To provide an “extra hand”, SARGENT developed the Top Loading Tool Kit, part number 436-1. This tool is designed to accommodate mortise and rim cylinders, top loadable removable core cylinders and key-in-knob/lever cylinders. Once the lock cylinder is recombinated , the Top Loading Tool keeps the lock cylinder in position to install the replacement spring retainer.



Step 1. Remove the cam or the tailpiece from the rear of the plug. Key-in-lever/knob lock cylinder may have a “C” clip securing the plug. Be careful when removing as the “C” clip can easily slip out of position.


Step 2. Insert the key into the keyway and rotate the plug approximately 90 degrees.


Step 3. Slide the follower onto the rear of the plug.


Step 4. Slowly slide the plug out of the housing. As the plug begins to slide out, place your finger against the blocking bars to keep them in place.


Step 5. Insert the plug into a loading thimble or similar product, making sure the blocking bars are within the tool. The plug diameter of the SARGENT Signature is .508”.

Step 6. Once the plug has been secured, empty the pin tumblers. Make sure there are no master pins remaining in the shell.


Step 7. Load the correct bottom and master pins.


Step 8. Reassemble the lock cylinder. Test the operation of the lock cylinder.

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