Kaba E-Plex® 3000: Standalone Access Control For Narrow Stile Doors

The E-Plex 3000 gives the locksmith a reliable narrow stile standalone that will serve the client faithfully and which the locksmith will find is as easy to install and program as rest of the models in the E-Plex family of products.

Pushbutton Programming
Special Master and/or Manager code sequences are entered into the E-Plex’s keypad in order to put the unit into Pushbutton Programming Mode. System programming is performed in this mode.
Seven procedures are available for configuring the lock, and 20 procedures are available for managing User Codes. You’ll typically have to configure the lock once when you are installing it, and you actually can perform these steps in the safety and comfort of your shop or vehicle.

User Code procedures are done as needed, but they are straightforward and clearly explained in the manual and quick programming guide. Fast and cordial tech support is also just a phone call away, so you’re really never alone when you’re a KABA dealer.

User Levels: Most locksmiths are already familiar with the concept of user levels. If you use a computer network, you know the Administrator has more privileges than you.
Electronic access control systems do their work by allowing certain individuals through certain doors at certain times. User levels in the E-Plex conform to these concepts by allowing higher level users the ability to control the locks configuration and users’ access rights.

The optional E-Plex Standard Software is similarly protected.
There are five different classifications of User, and the E-Plex 3000 can accommodate one Master user, and then up to 299 other users, in any combination desired. As a practical matter, you do not want to turn too many people loose with manager level codes.

Master User: The Master User is the top level manager who performs the initial lock setup activities and can program all lock functions. The installing locksmith is usually the Master User while he or she is setting up the system. Then the client becomes the Master User by reprogramming the Master User code after the locksmith’s work is done.

 Manager User: A Manager can program all lock functions except:
•           Defining the Access User

Code Length
•           Modifying the lock ID
•           Modifying the Master User Access Code
•           Changing the Date and Time
•           Resetting to Default values
•           Activating Lockout Mode
•           Adding/Deleting/enabling/disabling a Manager User

Access User: An Access User has the ability to open the lock with a valid user code.
Service User: A Service User is a user with a time limit for how long the code will operate the E-Plex. The length of time the access code will operate the lock is programmable for one use only, or up to 24 hours once the access code is used for the first time. You could ostensibly program every user in as a service code, but you would need to reprogram the lock every day. (If the goal was to prevent users to access over the weekend, the manager or master could just lockout all users.)

M-Unit User: The M-Unit User (Maintenance User) is only applicable when used with a handheld PDA and the optional E-Plex software for advanced lock programming and to retrieve information from the lock, such as audits.  The M-Unit code can not be used as a user code to gain access.

E-P3K Latch Holdback  (Referred to as Mode 54 in programming): When programmed for this function, the E-Plex remains unlocked indefinitely, for example during normal business hours. Unlike the Passage Mode, the relock is not automatic and the user must remember to de-activate this mode and lock it back at the end of business hours.

The Latch holdback mode is the same as if you were dogging the latch. Once set to Latch back, the door swings freely until it is reset. Latch back can be invoked by either a key of by using the programming mode.
Passage Mode: Similar to Latch Holdback above but keeps the latch extended so the door will not blow open in the wind, as an example. To get in, you need to actuate the lever on the E-Plex 3000.  User codes are not required when the lock is in passage mode.

The E-Plex #3000 always allows free egress at all times.

The optional E-Plex Standard Software not only operates with the E-Plex 3000 series locks but also works with Kaba’s popular E-Plex 5000 series locks.
For more information, contact your local locksmith distributor or Kaba Access Control, 2941 Indiana Ave., Winston-Salem, NC 27105. Telephone: 800-849-8324 or 336-725-1331. Web site: www.kaba-ilco.com.     

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