Command Access Technologies Product Line: ELECTRIFYING OPENINGS

As locksmiths, we are called upon to provide security as well as to control access. Many of our customers operate their businesses working more hours and schedules than just 9 to 5, five days a week. A significant number of today’s customers’ needs are greater than what mechanical lock hardware can offer. These include providing access at specific times and days, and having a record of who gains and attempts access. They are willing to become comfortable with new technologies in order to gain the added benefits that electromechanical lock hardware can offer.

Command Access Technologies is an electrified lock hardware manufacturer and modifier. The company began operation in 1999 in 500 square feet. Today, Command Access Technologies has just about outgrown its 7,000-square-foot facility located in Fullerton, CA, employing 23 persons.

The facility is divided into office space, manufacturing/modifying and inventory. Their significant amount of inventory includes lock hardware and components from the major lock hardware manufacturers as well as Command Access products. The manufacturing area includes nine computer controlled milling machines along with other pieces of production/fabrication equipment. A major effort is taking place to optimize the use of space.
Command Access’s product line includes electrified mortise and cylindrical locks, panic/exit devices, trim, power transfer products, power supplies and support components. They modify most major lock manufacturers’ hardware as well as produce their own line of lock hardware.

Command Access Technologies’ patented Concealed Door Loop (CDL), flexible armored conduit is designed to transfer low voltage power from the source through the door jamb and door to the locking device. Unlike the standard door loop, the CDL is concealed, mounted onto the edge of the door and the jamb. Unlike an electrified hinge, there is no reasonable limitation to the number of wires or wire gauge. The wiring can be run through the CDL and directly to the reader and the lock mechanism.

The Concealed Door Loop can be mounted anywhere along the vertical edge of the door. It can be mounted through a butt hinge, an offset hinge or a continuous hinge, allowing the door to be opened a full 180-degree swing. The CDL becomes visible only when the door is opened. It is resistant to tampering as no part of it is exposed when the door is closed. The CDL’s aesthetic appeal will simplify the inventory as finish is not a major concern since the loop is concealed. Concealed Door Loops will be available early in the second quarter of 2008.

In addition to the Concealed Door Loop, Command Access power transfer products include butt hinges, pivots hinges, continuous hinges and surface door loops. The electrified butt hinges are available with up to 12 conductors of various configurations, including options for two 18-gauge wires for high amperage applications. They utilize plastic wire access caps for added wire protection, along with optional four foot leads at no additional charge. The five knuckle butt hinges use centrally located wire access holes to simplify installation. In addition, butt hinges can be ordered with door position monitor switches having up to eight through wires.
The energy transfer continuous hinge is available as a gear type or a pin and barrel type. The gear type continuous hinges use a flexible cable having either four or eight 28-gauge conductors. Stranded wires are used on the pin and barrel type of continuous hinge having four, six, eight or ten 28-gauge wires.

The Von Duprin Latch Pullback Kit (VLP Kit converts a mechanical Von Duprin 33/35 or 98/99 series exit device to an electrified exit device by replacing the mechanical base plate with the provided Command Access modified Electrified Latch (EL) base plate. The VLP Kit provides all the features of a factory modified Von Duprin EL device in a compact, easy-to-install package that can be completed at the door.

The VLP Kit includes the PM200, a 24VDC power booster module that provides a local high current surge, 12A for 200ms@24V, in order to pull back the exit device’s latchbolt. Once retracted, the solenoid coil switching keeps the latchbolt retracted, 250 mA@24V during the “free access” mode. The compact PM200 solid state design permits the unit to be installed within the exit device or the hinge jamb.

Additional benefits of the PM200 include the ability to have longer wire runs from the power supply to the exit device of up to 700 feet with 18-gauge wire and up to 1500 feet using 12-gauge wire, The PM200 is compatible with most 24VDC 1.5A or greater power supplies.

The VLP Kit is available now. According to Command Access, the UL listed version of the VLP Kit will have all the same features, but will not require the removal of the base plate. The UL Listed kit should be available during the second quarter of 2008.

The Command Access CL1 is a UL Listed ANSI Grade 1 electrified cylindrical lock with the look and feel of a well known Grade 1 leverset. The CL-1 leverset is available in 626 and 613 finishes with two styles of California Fire Marshall approved levers whose return is within one-half inch of the door face. The available six-pin tumbler lock cylinder keyways are Corbin L4, Sargent LA, Schlage C and Yale GA. The CL-1 is available Fail Safe (electrically locked) or Fail Secure (electrically unlocked) as a 12 or 24 volt AC/DC leverset operating on 250mA@12V or 150mA@24V. The power consumption of the CL-1 is 3 watts. Request to Exit (REX) switches are available on the CL-1 cylindrical leversets.

Command Access electrified mortise locks are available in 12VDC or 24VDC, Fail Safe (EL) or Fail Secure (EU). Request to Exit (REX) switches are available on a majority of these locks. Mortise lock power consumption is eight watts. Additionally, status monitoring switches (e.g. Latch Bolt, Dead Bolt, Solenoid, Door Position, and Security Monitoring) are available on a number of the mortise locks. For specific lock hardware manufacturers’ mortise locks that can be electrified, contact the factory.

To extend the operational life of the “Fail Safe” or “unlock cycle” solenoid-operated cylindrical leversets and mortise locks, Command Access has developed the Current Reduction Unit, part numbers CRU2 and CRU2i.
For a cylindrical lock, mortise lock, exit device trim or strike to operate in the Fail Safe mode requires the solenoid to be constantly powered. Should power be removed, the lock hardware will become unlocked, permitting unrestricted access. A Current Reduction Unit allows the device to receive full current long enough for the solenoid to retract. Once retracted, the CRU limits the current, providing just enough to keep the solenoid retracted. This enables the solenoid to run cooler, extending its operational life. To ensure the solenoid remains retracted, the Current Reduction Unit sends an occasional high frequency pulse. The CRU2 operates between 12 to 32 VAC/VDC. If the power supply is operating above the normal range, the CRU2 can adjust the voltage to the lock to use the manufacturers’ specifications.

The CRU2i, which must be purchased at the time of the device modification, has auto voltage sensing, automatically adjusting the retraction and holding current to the solenoid.

To power electrified lock hardware, Command Access has developed five 24VDC power supplies. The starter power supply for latch pullback devices is the PS1N, a solid state 2.3A unregulated 24VDC power supply designed for a single electric latch retracting exit device. The solid state regulated 24VDC PS2 and PS2BB power supplies provide sufficient in-rush current to power two latch pullback exit devices. Thermal overload sensing reduces risk of failure due to overheating. There is a fire alarm disconnect link. The PS2BB is equipped with battery backup/charging circuitry with zero voltage drop at power loss. An audible alarm senses AC power failure and low battery condition.

Regulated power is available with the Command Access SW3 and SW8 power supplies designed to provide low current to mortise lock, cylindrical locks, trim, and electric strikes. The SW3 has battery backup capability supplying 2.4A@27VDC and provides three non-fused outputs. The SW8 has battery backup capability supplying 4.8Amps. The solid state SW8 incorporates dry contact switching, resetable fuses, fire alarm link, independent short circuit detection, adjustable output voltage (22 to 27 volts under load) and thermal overload sensing. The SW8 is capable of powering three latch-retracting exit devices and up to five other low-current locking devices when the exit devices utilize the Command Access PM200 Interface Power Modules.

As an option, Command Access Technologies can modify a customer’s previously installed mortise or cylindrical lockset, exit device or trim provided they are in adequate condition to be modified. For more information, contact the factory.

All “New” Command Access Technologies products have a three year “no hassle” warranty. Any “New” products that fail under standard use within the first three years will be repaired or replaced without question. Modified customer supplied products electro-mechanical components will be covered for the three-year warranty.

For more information, contact your local locksmith wholesaler or Command Access Technologies, 2386 East Walnut Avenue, Fullerton, CA 92831. Telephone: 888-622-2377. Fax: 888-622-2302. Web Site: