Command Access Technologies Product Line: ELECTRIFYING OPENINGS

Command Access Technologies electrifies most commercial manufacturer’s locksets and exit devices for remote control by an access control system or a momentary contact. The company has developed its own line of power supplies, power transfer hinges and...

As locksmiths, we are called upon to provide security as well as to control access. Many of our customers operate their businesses working more hours and schedules than just 9 to 5, five days a week. A significant number of today’s customers’ needs are greater than what mechanical lock hardware can offer. These include providing access at specific times and days, and having a record of who gains and attempts access. They are willing to become comfortable with new technologies in order to gain the added benefits that electromechanical lock hardware can offer.

Command Access Technologies is an electrified lock hardware manufacturer and modifier. The company began operation in 1999 in 500 square feet. Today, Command Access Technologies has just about outgrown its 7,000-square-foot facility located in Fullerton, CA, employing 23 persons.

The facility is divided into office space, manufacturing/modifying and inventory. Their significant amount of inventory includes lock hardware and components from the major lock hardware manufacturers as well as Command Access products. The manufacturing area includes nine computer controlled milling machines along with other pieces of production/fabrication equipment. A major effort is taking place to optimize the use of space.
Command Access’s product line includes electrified mortise and cylindrical locks, panic/exit devices, trim, power transfer products, power supplies and support components. They modify most major lock manufacturers’ hardware as well as produce their own line of lock hardware.

Command Access Technologies’ patented Concealed Door Loop (CDL), flexible armored conduit is designed to transfer low voltage power from the source through the door jamb and door to the locking device. Unlike the standard door loop, the CDL is concealed, mounted onto the edge of the door and the jamb. Unlike an electrified hinge, there is no reasonable limitation to the number of wires or wire gauge. The wiring can be run through the CDL and directly to the reader and the lock mechanism.

The Concealed Door Loop can be mounted anywhere along the vertical edge of the door. It can be mounted through a butt hinge, an offset hinge or a continuous hinge, allowing the door to be opened a full 180-degree swing. The CDL becomes visible only when the door is opened. It is resistant to tampering as no part of it is exposed when the door is closed. The CDL’s aesthetic appeal will simplify the inventory as finish is not a major concern since the loop is concealed. Concealed Door Loops will be available early in the second quarter of 2008.

In addition to the Concealed Door Loop, Command Access power transfer products include butt hinges, pivots hinges, continuous hinges and surface door loops. The electrified butt hinges are available with up to 12 conductors of various configurations, including options for two 18-gauge wires for high amperage applications. They utilize plastic wire access caps for added wire protection, along with optional four foot leads at no additional charge. The five knuckle butt hinges use centrally located wire access holes to simplify installation. In addition, butt hinges can be ordered with door position monitor switches having up to eight through wires.
The energy transfer continuous hinge is available as a gear type or a pin and barrel type. The gear type continuous hinges use a flexible cable having either four or eight 28-gauge conductors. Stranded wires are used on the pin and barrel type of continuous hinge having four, six, eight or ten 28-gauge wires.

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