DVRs: The Workhorse of the Hybrid Digital Video Surveillance

SPECO’s DVRs are representative of the new breed of cost-effective digital video processing devices which are redefining video surveillance and security.

The video surveillance market has never been hotter. The challenges placed upon locksmiths and video system dealers are greater as the diversity of applications widens and end-user expectations increase. The good news is that video technologies are both creating the demand by presenting more...

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Additional features include:

•           Recording Rate: Up to 120pps
•           1 Channel in out for audio recording
•           1 Optical drive + up to 3 internal HDD
•           IEEE-1394 for extended external storage
•           Built-in CD-RW or DVD+RW for video clip exporting
•           USB 2.0 port for video clip exporting, supports USB thumb drive.
•           Easy software upgrade via Network, USB Thumb Drive, or CD-RW
•           Configurable normal and event recording frame rate & picture quality per channel or globally via EZ record
•           Automatic camera detection (Plug & Play)
•           Email notification of alarm events

Central Management Software is a remote application program for Speco Technologies’ DVR-TL, TN, TS and TT Series of Internet- ready DVRs installed on a PC that is connected to a LAN or Internet connection to remotely access, view and configure up to 16 DVRs simultaneously (that’s 256 camera views - can see 64 thumbnails at a time)!
The Digital Deterrent™ System has been created by Speco Technologies to prevent crime, not just record it. Speco Technologies new Digital Deterrent™ System is available in Speco PC Series and TN Family DVRs. Once motion is detected by a surveillance camera networked to a DVR, an alarm is triggered and a custom audio/visual warning is automatically projected, so the perpetrator believes he is actually being watched.

Q&A: Lou Bellock
To the latest and most accurate details on SPECO’S rapidly evolving digital video recorder products, Locksmith Ledger interviewed Lou Bellock, Director - Product Management, Digital Video, for Speco Technologies. Following are Ledger’s questions and Bellock’s answers.
What differentiates SPECO’s products from the rest of the crowd?
What differentiates Speco from the crowd are features and functions not found on other DVRs that are specifically requested by our customers. For example, we have Digital Deterrent®, EZ-features, many standard features and features to come in 2008 like self-contained POS system, self-contained access control system, touch-panel interfaces, graphical and color GUIs, IP camera support, etc.
What’s the warranty?
We have a three-year warranty on all DVRs except the PCPro, which is two-year. The warranty is bumper to bumper, parts and labor.
Which model is suited for which application?
Our DVR-TL series is targeted for entry level users needing price and competitive performance. TL can be used for residential and light commercial applications.
DVR-TN series is targeted for entry level users and advanced users needing robust performance and features. TN can be used for commercial chain store applications, government, schools and other municipalities.
DVR-16TS/TT series is targeted for entry level users and advanced users needing real time video; specifically for banking and casino applications.
DVR-PC8/16 series is targeted for entry level users desiring a PC computer GUI and superb video quality. PC can be used for residential and commercial applications.
DVR-PCPro 8 and 16 is targeted for advanced users needing enterprise-level features, real-time and high resolution video at a competitive price. They are specifically targeted for corporate, banking, casinos, etc.
Can the installer provide his own HDD if an upgrade is required?
Yes, on all models with a removable, key-locked, HDD slot. We do not authorize the opening of any DVRs on site for HDD replacement unless they are equipped with a key-locked HDD slot.
Can a DVR be connected directly to a DVR with a crossover cable and be controlled/viewed and share Internet access?
That functionality, called “clustering,” will be available on our PCPro.       

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