Peeking Inside the Master Rekeyable Deadbolt

One of the latest trends to emerge in the security field is the ability to rekey a lock cylinder to a new combination without disassembly. The re-codeable lock shown here is made by Master Lock. According to our sources, this deadbolt version may be...

An operating key and a change tool must be available. Insert the key and rotate the plug 90 degrees clockwise. An access hole on the edge of the plug will now be at the top (12 o’clock) position. Insert a change tool into the access hole and press inward.

Note: Keep the plug in the rotated position and the change tool fully inserted at all times while completing the changing procedure.
You will notice a definite spring action when the change tool is fully seated. This spring action lifts the rack outward and away from the moveable blocks. The blocks are then disconnected from the rack, but they remain connected to the lock tumblers.

Remove the old operating key and insert a key with a new combination. As the new key is inserted, it will move both the tumblers and blocks into the new key combination contour.

Remove the change tool. As the change tool is removed, a spring in the housing presses the rack inward into the blocks, holding them in their new contour arrangement.

The final step is to turn the key counter-clockwise back to the vertical position. As the key is then retracted from the plug, ‘V’ notches on the tumblers press against projections on the blocks. This action moves the sidebar outward into the locked position.

The blocks are now held by the rack in the new key pattern configuration and any former operating keys will no longer operate.

For further information contact your local locksmith distributor or: Master Lock , telephone 800-308-9244 or web site     

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