Access Control Goes Wireless

Wireless systems are ideal for any retrofit or new construction application where wiring is difficult or impractical, or where the cost of traditional wired online access control is prohibitive.

The security industry has been transitioning into wireless for decades. The earliest wireless devices were remote controls for garage openers. Then burglar and fire alarms went wireless. This was a major milestone. With the age of personal computing evolving at full throttle, Wi-Fi then...

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Locksmith Ledger interviewed Jennifer Toscano, marketing manager, electronic locks - open architecture, Schlage Electronic Security. Following are Ledger’s questions and Ms. Toscano’s answers.

What are your wireless access control offerings?
Because every application is unique, Schlage offers a wide range of solutions including mechanical locking hardware, standalone programmable locks, software managed solutions, hardwired networked solutions and wireless network solutions.  The Schlage VIP lock provides a hard-wired, networked solution that incorporates the door position switch, credential reader, lock, and request-to-exit into a single device.  In addition, Schlage bright blue provides an access control solution that is designed to manage Schlage wireless, VIP, and credential reader solutions.

Schlage wireless access solutions provide the ability to manage a large number of access points and users without the hassle or cost of running a hard-wired system. They combine a credential reader, electrified lock, door position switch, and request-to-exit into one device.

Products in the Schlage wireless family include solutions for mortise and cylindrical locking applications, exit-device trim, wireless reader interface for credential readers, portable readers, as well as gate and elevator access solutions and other accessories. Schlage also provides the convenience of multiple credential options, including proximity, smart card, and magnetic stripe.

What differentiates your product from your competitors?
First, Schlage wireless products provide a proven solution with tens of thousands of units installed and working for years. And, Schlage wireless products are built upon the robust foundation of our proven Schlage mechanical locking platform. Our open architecture design means that Schlage wireless can be interfaced to virtually any access control system. In addition, this provides the ability to mix wired and wireless technologies in a single access control system. 

Our solution utilizes a dedicated, 900 MHz infrastructure Our 900 MHz frequency enables better signal propagation. This allows:
•           Data transmission signals to travel further
•           Ability to penetrate thicker walls and other barriers
•           Long range communications in line-of-sight applications
•           Improved performance in outdoor applications

What are the advantages of wireless access over standalone and networked?
Schlage wireless access solutions provide the advantages of a networked access control system, without the wires. As such, wireless solutions are recommended for the following types of applications:
•           With a large number of users or openings
•           That require varying levels of access permission
•           With frequent user changes/turnover

The benefits of wireless include:
•           The increased security of real-time system management.
•           The ability to activate and revoke access privileges and schedules from a single computer.
•           The ability to manage who can gain access to which openings in a facility, and when they can access those openings.  

Schlage wireless access systems install in a fraction of the time it takes to install a hard-wired networked access control system, in some cases up to 90 percent faster. The reduced installation time and wiring requirements translates into significant savings for the customer. Schlage wireless elevator kits enable access control for elevator applications without the need for costly cable-runs in elevators. In addition, our wireless gate kit enables parking lot and gate access without the need to trench across the parking lot.

For what markets are they intended?
Schlage wireless access solutions can be utilized in any application where users wish to eliminate wiring and provide a cost-effective solution. Schlage wireless solutions can be utilized in both existing structure renovations and new construction projects. In some applications, like historic buildings, gate applications or elevator access control, hardwired solutions may be impossible or cost-prohibitive. Schlage wireless solutions provide a cost-effective solution for these applications and more.

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