An Overview of Hospital Hardware

Hospital security hardware and locks must comply with Life Safety codes and other standards.

One of the specialty applications of the CompX eLock is for refrigerators. The CompX eLock is available in a cabinet application as well. In a refrigerator use, the unit can display the temperature, alarm when a temperature is exceeded or dropped and keep an audit trail of usage. When drugs require refrigerated storage, this lets management know who had access. Credentials can be individually by keypad, prox or magstripe, or a combination of keypad/prox or keypad/magstripe. The eLock is battery-operated stand-alone, software controls users.
The CompX group provides a full line of desk and file lock hardware. Because CompX Timberline, Chicago, National, Timberline and Fort are also of the same family, a full range of switch locks, t-handle, standard pin, tubular pin and disc tumbler locks are found to fit almost every steel or wood desk or cabinet. The Timberline glass door deadbolt offers solution for some swinging glass door cabinets that may contain drugs or sensitive records.

One of the most common sights in hospital hardware is the Push/Pull lock function. The HL Series lock is a passage set with a unique push/pull operation. Instead of turning a knob or lever, this lock is operated by a simple push from one side or pull from the opposite side. Commonly found in a five-inch backset this lock requires only a gentle movement from a fingertip, elbow, hand, wrist or forearm. Optional engraving of PUSH or PULL is available on either style.

A wide range of protective hardware is available from Don-Jo. Kick plates, mop plates, push plates, pull handles, filler plates, latch protectors, door bumpers, door stops, hold-opens and more can be found throughout the hospital setting.

Safes of all types and sizes are available from Gardall. In a hospital setting a small privacy safe like the Gardall WMS912E may be installed in the wall of a patient room. Similar to a hotel application, an electronic lock is used to allow the patient to insert their valuables and set a personal code. This protects their valuables while in the hospital.

General Electric Security Designs incorporates Supra StorAKey and other Supra products. A variety of pushbutton key storage boxes are available. Two of their units are handy for hospital use. The Digital Key Safe is a designer key box with an electronic time stamp that records the last nine events. Access codes can be changed at the keypad. With over 1,000 combinations, it provides secure storage for a key requiring multiple access. The TouchPoint Lock is designed to replace a standard cam lock with a digital access point. It consists of a solid die-cast body with a 10-digit changeable combination.

CCTV products from General Lock include cameras, lenses, monitors, digital video recorders, sensors for event-based monitoring, PC-based systems and remote monitoring. Video surveillance is a powerful addition to any security plan and complements existing security hardware, electronic access control, card access systems and code or ADA-compliant solutions.

Electric strikes are everywhere in a large hospital. Interior and exterior doors will present an opportunity to provide the right strike for the right application. The 5900 Series offers patented vertical adjustability to allow for door sag or misalignment. This concealed electric strike offers heavy-duty performance and reliability. It is field selectable fail-safe / fail-secure and requires no cutout of the frame for fast, easy installations.
Another HES offering is the Smart Pac II, an in-line power control with a built-in bridge rectifier. Accepting input voltages from 12v to 32v AC or DC, the output can be set for 12 or 24 VDC. In a continuous duty application the output VDC is reduced by 25 percent to extend the life of the electric strike. An adjustable 2-8 second timer and MOV to protect against inrush and reverse surges are standard.

Key Cabinets are one of HPC’s staple products. Along with dozens of locksmith tools, machines and specialty equipment, the HPC Kekab is well known in the security industry. Kekabs are available to hold from eight to hundreds of keys on slotted key tags. A special ‘check out’ tag is used to record who borrows which key and when it is to be returned. Kekabs are available with a cam lock key, 4-Wheel combination or mortise cylinder design to accommodate keying into a master key system. The HPC MediKab offers a secure storage location for medicine and pharmaceuticals.

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