Dynalock 3101B Series Satisfies Life Safety Codes and Meets High Security Needs

The most common applications include outdoor gate locks or inswing doors which require delayed egress functionality.

A template is provided with the unit to facilitate marking of mounting and wiring holes. The lock incorporates an armature mounting plate to which the armature is attached. This makes the mounting of the armature easier for retrofits, since the plate may be mounted over previous door prep or may be easier to install on narrow frames or metal doors with a top channel than a typical armature bolt might interfere with. Since installation does not require drilling completely through the door for the armature mounting bolt.

DynaLock’s “Fas-Trak” mounting also makes it easier for a single locksmith to install a 3101B, since several steps involving drilling and aligning the heavy magnet housing are essentially eliminated. The FAS Trak also keeps the electronics off the door and out of harms way while drilling and wire pulling is being performed.

Major system settings are via jumpers and DIP switch in the 3101B housing. Wiring connections are made to a terminal strip inside the 3101B housing.  It’s all pretty straightforward and clearly explained and illustrated in the installation instructions.

The 3101B is a versatile. With its on-board key switch, it can be deployed with just a power supply and FAC connection. It can also be used in a wide variety of delayed egress applications to accomplish just about any requirement.

DynaLock has all the installation brackets and accessories you want, and expert telephone tech support Monday-Friday till 8 p.m. Eastern. For information, contact your local locksmith distributor or DynaLock Corp., Web Site: www.DynaLock.com

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