What’s New In Access Control?

Brivo and Schlage’s latest access control products are Web-enabled, allowing remote monitoring and operation. Pelco introduces its new Sarix network camera line.

What features differentiate Brivo from other access control systems?
Brivo’s most significant competitive edge in the market is the cost efficiency and ease-of-use delivered by our Web-based SaaS system architecture. Brivo solutions cover any environment at a lower cost than traditional single-site systems, from enterprise-class, multi-site applications to single-site systems that provide the flexibility of tiered administration.

Another big differentiator is our XML interface, available to all customers and security professionals over the Internet with no SDK to purchase or download. Just get a copy of our API definition, and you can begin developing using standard Web protocols and XML formatted messages. This truly open approach to systems integration means that our API works for all developers—not just those who happen to use Windows products, which is often the case with traditional SDK-based approaches.
Is Brivo scalable? Is the four-door configuration the smallest unit, or can a single door be deployed?

A single-door solution can be deployed in the form of an HID Edge device with Brivo’s ACS Plug-in installed. The plug-in makes the Edge capable of communicating through customer firewalls, back to Brivo’s hosting facility. It also makes the applications completely interoperable, so that an Edge device can be added to the same account as a traditional control panel. The user will never know the difference, as they perform all the same functions. This provides an economical way, for example, to extend installations by one or two doors (beyond a single control capacity), or to network a remote cite into an existing account.
Brivo’s migration path ensures organizations always have the right solution to meet their size and needs. No more worries about buying a system that’s too big and expensive, just in case your system grows; or getting a system that fits now but is quickly rendered obsolete. All of Brivo’s solutions can scale up or down, providing options for truly any environment. In addition, all of Brivo’s products provide a browser-based interface and are easy to install and use—significantly reducing installation and training time.

How does Brivo’s product integrate with HID Edge?
Brivo integrates with the HID EdgePlus™ using the Brivo ACS plug-in. Edge devices combine a reader and basic access control application; Brivo’s plug-in creates a solution that “talks back” to the Brivo system. Edge devices are ideal when it is difficult or impractical to pull additional wiring, but Ethernet wiring is available or in smaller applications, such as the residential market, where a smaller, less complicated access control option is sufficient.

How does Brivo integrate with Video Surveillance systems?

Today more than ever, customers are looking for convergence among all of their security system components. That’s why Brivo offers integration with several brands of DVRs. We’ve made it a criterion for integration that the DVR supplier provides us with either an ActiveX control, or a Java applet, so that the end user never needs to leave the browser to enjoy the benefits of video integration with access control. This stands in contrast to those “integrations” that still require a separate client and aren’t truly a part of single application architecture.

To what industry listings does Brivo comply?
UL 294.

SCHLAGE® LiNK: Intelligent Residential Security
Similar in appearance to Schlage’s existing line of residential keypad locks, Schlage LiNK Door Locks are wireless-controlled door locks which allow remote control and monitoring of access 24/7 via its web portal or mobile application.

The Schlage LiNK door locks provide keyless entry through four-digit codes, which can be entered, activated or disabled via the Schlage LiNK web portal, mobile application or on the lock’s 11-digit pushbutton keypad.

Features include:
–          E-mail and text message notifications for access code tracking
–          90-day reporting of time/day codes were used
–          Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology
–          Starter kit includes one Schlage LiNK door lock, a Z-Wave Bridge and one wireless compatible light module
–          Plug and play simplicity and easy installation
–          Available in bright brass, satin nickel and aged bronze
–          Powered by standard AA and 9-volt batteries

Z-wave is a wireless technology, providing the opportunity to control more than 300 other Z-Wave enabled home automation products including lighting, appliances, climate control, security system devices and health care monitoring.

All Z-Wave products can be monitored and controlled via the Schlage LiNK web portal and mobile application and can also be programmed to work together to create customized settings every time a four-digit code is entered.

There is a $12.99 monthly subscription fee for use of the Schlage LiNK online portal and mobile applications, which gives homeowner the power control all Schlage LiNK locks and a wide variety of Z-Wave-enabled home automation devices.

Schlage LiNK starter kits and individual locks are available through a dedicated network of sales professionals. Existing Schlage distributors and dealers can now offer this solution.

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