Access Control Industry Forecast

Trends include software-based access control systems, IP video, the continuing integration of CCTV and card access and more wireless products.

What do you forecast will be the major trends in Security, Access Control and Video Surveillance in the coming year(s)?
PP: I don’t know that I am Carnac. There have been enough of the talking heads saying where this industry is going. I do agree that IP video will be our future. The integrators that get IP savvy will be the ones that will lead the pack. Don’t get me wrong. Analog video will be here for some time to come. The installed base is very large and some customers are hesitant to make a change.

The continuing integration of CCTV and Card Access is becoming more important. We have seen how important that can be with more and more unmanned sites that require the viewing of access transaction information with video.

More people are asking for wireless without knowing that it is not WiFi. Only dedicated Video and data wireless platforms really work properly. I think we will see more and more in that arena.    

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