Locinox Samson Gate Closer

In the May 2008 issue of Locksmith Ledger, I reviewed an access control install done on an exterior pedestrian gate. A key requirement of the system was to provide a gate closer to ensure that the gate would return to a closed position after opening, so the maglocks could engage.

There are not an abundance of closers available for exterior applications. Powered gate operators are on the market, but these are not the same as a closer, and of course not appropriate for the installation which we featured.

The Belgian manufactured device which was used on the gate at that point in time, the LOCINOX TITAN, was essentially in a class by itself.

LOCINOX has since redesigned the TITAN. The new SAMSON model carries the design evolution ahead significantly to include added features we wished the original TITAN had.

Like the TITAN, these new units look and feel top of the line. My customers love them more than the TITANS.

Ample mounting hardware is supplied with each unit to accommodate different hinge types found on exterior gates.

The significant improvements in the SAMSON are the addition of hydraulics to the units, and several adjustment points to allow precise tuning of both the device’s backcheck and closing speed to the particular gate on which it is used.

It is a great benefit to be able to independently adjust the pressure required to open the gate, as well as control the closing speed. The closing speed adjustment is analogous to the sweep adjustment on a conventional door closer.

For information, contact your locksmith distributor or visit www.locinox.com