Opening The Door To Standalone Biometrics

Two market drivers of biometrics are convenience and security. New products from BioAxxis, Bio-View, Marks USA and eKey USA deliver both convenience and added security.

Bio-View Biometric Entry
Bio-View from Holovision is an integrated e-Key access control with an audio-video entry system. Bio-View is suitable for any entry location such as front doors, gates, garages, etc. Bio-View consists of three sub-systems: e-Key fingerprint access control; Two-way Communication Intercom and a color camera.
All three sub-systems are integrated in small mounting box (H7.25” x W4.37” x D4.25”) with small faceplate (H8.125” x W5.125” x D0.5”) 

The Bio-View is shipped with Back box, hardware, gasket, and instructions all fully assembled, wired, and ready for installation with the any of e-Key fingerprint access control systems (TOCAhome and TOCAnet), different intercom systems options (Crestron, Panasonic, Holovision, or Viking), and a standard color camera.
Bio-View comes standard with High Performance 3.7 mm color camera. The camera has field of view 90 degrees mounted on swivel bracket that can be adjusted during installation 20 degrees to the left or right; High resolution 480 lines; Minimum Illumination less than 0.02 lux; operating temperature 10 - 50 degrees C, and powered by 12 VDC.

e-Key USA also announces the availability of Wiegand converter for e-Key net fingerprint scanners.  For information, call (941) 782-1227, email or visit

Marks USA is a well known manufacturer of locks and, more recently, the i-Que Series of standalone access controls. Marks USA was recently purchased by Alarm Lock, but Marks lives on as an independent force in the field of standalone access control

The i-Que has been on the market for a number of years and the product has been continuously improved and enhanced. Marks has built upon the reliability features and track record of the i-Que Line with their new standalone 175BIO.

Fingerprint reader features are:
—100 users standard
—5 user groups
—1 year life span on 4 “AA” batteries
—Search time of less then 2 seconds
—Optical reader with 500dpi resolution
—FRR/FAR: .1%/.001%
—Fingerprint enrollment at the door
—Four-digit User ID assigned for deletion purposes
—Fingerprint deletion by ID or Fingerprint
—Passage mode
—4000-event audit trail (Software Kit Required)
Grade 2 Cylindrical Lockset features are:
—American style lever handle
—Grade 2 cylindrical lock body
(Uses proven 175 lock body)
—1-5/8” – 1-7/8” standard door thickness
—2-3/4” backset latch with ½” throw
—3 hour UL fire rating
—2 ¾” “T” strike
—“Clutch” system to prevent lever droop
—Key Override: Marks “C” Keyway, 6 pin, 2 keys supplied
—IC core optional. Also accepts Best®, Falcon, Medeco®, Keymark™, Schlage®, Corbin and KSP
Software Kit features:
—Upload users enrolled in software
—Download users enrolled in lockset
—View and print Audit trail
—Basic and group schedules
—Holiday maintenance
—USB cable to connect to PC
—USB optical reader for fingerprint enrollment
—Software runs on Windows 98, 2000, ME. XP, and Vista 32 bit

We gave iQue Tech Support Specialist Justin Federico a quick quiz on the 175BIO. Following are Ledger’s questions and Federico’s answers.

Is it a standalone?
The lock is completely standalone and powered by 4 “AA” batteries.

Is it on the market now?
We are looking to go to market with the unit in April or early May.

Where can it be purchased?
The unit will be available for purchase from any of our stocking distributors.

What is the price?
The list price will be $950.

What are the accessories and options?
Optional Software Kit consisting of facility management software, USB optical reader for enrollment, and USB cable for PC interface.

Are fingers programmed in at the unit only?
Fingerprints can be enrolled at the door or into the software using the USB optical reader.

Does it produce activity logs?
The unit has a 4000-event audit trail which can be downloaded and viewed using the software.

Can users be programmed at a central location, and then downloaded with an appliance, laptop or fob?
Users can be enrolled into the software and uploaded to the unit via USB from a laptop. Also, users that were enrolled at the door can be downloaded from the unit into the software.

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