Strattec Update

A number of positive changes have occurred at STRATTEC Security Corporation, including the introduction of a new lock mechanism, a significant increase in the production of General Motors locks, and the expansion of “Repair Kits.” These changes will result in more General Motors ignition and door locks available though the locksmith distributor channel. “Repair Kits” will enable locksmith to service many more GM vehicles whose locks were previously manufactured by a now failed supplier.

With the introduction of the 2010 Camaro, General Motors begins its transition to side mill (sidewinder technology). This technology has been used for several decades in Europe and on a number of vehicles sold in North America. STRATTEC Security Corp will make these and other side mill keys, locks and tumblers available though the locksmith distributor channel.

A significant amount of new business is focused on takeover from the now defunct supplier to GM. As a result, STRATTEC is now supplying locks and related components for almost 90 percent of General Motors vehicles.

With this takeover, many locksets had to either be created or reconfigured. A decision was made to eliminate the traditional LSP - “Lock Service Package” in favor of a “Repair Kit.” STRATTEC surveyed numerous locksmiths and the resulting input widely favored the “Repair Kit” as the more convenient option.

The definition of a repair kit is “A kit containing the components necessary to combinate the lock without requiring components from a pinning kit.” Each “Repair Kit” contains tumblers and tumbler springs as well as all components needed to make the lock operable. STRATTEC has determined that five of each tumbler depth in these GM kits is enough to combinate all the potential key codes.

A typical example of a “Repair Kit” is the in-dash, PassLock equipped ignition lock for a number of General motors vehicles, part number 703602.

After the creation of repair kits, STRATTEC created pinning kits that cover other makes and models of vehicles. Since the start of 93 Groove or “Z keyway” product, STRATTEC has gone through many changes on components and pinning kits. Since the release of programs to STRATTEC came in phases, so did the availability of components for these kits.

Starting in 2007, STRATTEC introduced two 93 Groove (Z keyway) pinning kits, the 709448 and the 707842. These covered vehicles STRATTEC was specifically awarded at the time and were sometimes capable of retrofitting some other General Motors supplier ignition locks. We published that these would work in various platforms because at the time, there was no aftermarket solution, just the dealer.

The takeover business has changed the product and servicing capabilities for locksmiths. The second introduction of 93 groove kits came with the consolidation of the 709448 and 707842 pinning kits into what are now the 7006412. This kit incorporates all of what is in the two originals PLUS added components to service additional vehicles that were included in the takeover. The vehicles serviced are listed on the lids of the pinning kit boxes.

As the next step to providing all of the necessary components to locksmiths, STRATTEC wanted to make sure that all the bases were covered. If a locksmith already purchased the 7006412, we wanted to provide an addendum kit that, when added to the 7006412, would service items added in the 7011954 kit. The addendum kit, STRATTEC part number 7012939, will not by itself service a complete vehicle.

With the takeover, STRATTEC became responsible for providing locks and servicing components for previous model year vehicles for which our competitor will no longer supply parts. These vehicles are out of production or original vehicles that STRATTEC originally did not manufacture locks and components. Several vehicles must be addressed and we will generally either provide the keys or repair kits.

STRATTEC will not be offering a pinning kit for these vehicles. It was decided that a “Repair Kit” would be the best and most practical choice for servicing these vehicles.

One significant note is that the past failed supplier had not transitioned to aluminum tumblers from brass. STRATTEC will follow suit for a while and provide brass tumblers in these particular “Repair Kits.” At some point in the future, we may need to transition to aluminum.

Key blanks had to be created for locksmiths and “Repair Kits” for ignition and door locks were added for GM vehicles whose locks were not originally manufactured by STRATTEC.

In addition to the Chevrolet Camaro, for the 2010 model year, STRATTEC will be manufacturing side mill locks for Chevrolet Equinox and the Buick LaCrosse. General Motors is expected to introduce a number of new models over the next several years.

STRATTEC is also introducing several coded ignitions, doors, decks and coded sets that are keyed alike for GM, Chrysler and Ford. The coded sets that are keyed alike include 1 ignition and 2 doors/decks. This enables the locksmith to service the vehicle and keep the keyway consistent. The new coded offerings are listed in table 1.

You can find the applications for all these parts by going to For more information, contact your local STRATTEC distributor.