ASP Supermarkets

ASP is offering incentives for distributors that stock its most popular items.

“I am sick of distributors who just do not have it!” Those were the words of a locksmith who called ASP after several futile attempts to obtain one of our automotive lock parts. We can certainly understand his frustration, and other locksmiths are undoubtedly experiencing the same problems. So...

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When you need a loaf of bread or a gallon of milk on your way home from work, you can stop at a corner convenience store. But it is not practical for you to try to do all of your grocery shopping at a convenience store. You need a supermarket that has more of what you need. In a similar way, an ASP Supermarket is better equipped to supply more of what you need for your daily automotive lock parts requirements.

As of the day this article is being written, some distributors have already expanded their stock and some are preparing their warehouse to receive the additional part numbers. A complete list of ASP Supermarkets is available on the ASP website Lists of ASP Supermarkets will also be published through various media releases.

The best thing that you can do is to support your local distributor! All successful distributors have made substantial investments in their businesses to serve YOU better. Those distributors who become ASP Supermarkets are making an extra commitment.

Here are some suggestions for locksmiths who want to support these ASP Supermarket distributors.

1. If you do not have a relationship with any of the ASP Supermarket distributors, then start one. In today’s economy, most distributors will welcome the opportunity to develop a new customer, and you may be surprised as to how well you are treated.

2. You do not need to abandon your normal primary distributor. But when you need a pack of tumblers that takes you to an ASP Supermarket, try your best to order a few more things that you happen to need that day to make a worthwhile sized order.

3. Be understanding if your distributor happens to occasionally be out of stock of something that you need. A distributor may have had two pieces of a particular part in stock for the last month, and get orders for three pieces of that part tomorrow. If you happen to be order no. 3, you may be out of luck. We have the same problem at ASP only on a larger scale with much longer delivery time from the manufacturers, so it is possible that your distributor is out of stock because we are out of stock.

4. If your ASP Supermarket distributor is doing a good job for you, tell them . These distributors need to know that the effort they put into this expanded stock program is valued by their customers. If there is something that your distributor can do differently to serve you better, tell them that also in a constructive way. And then if the distributor follows through properly with your suggestion, reward their efforts with your support.

Everyone needs to remember one more important factor. The factories which manufacture the parts sold through the ASP distribution system are part of the automotive industry, which has been hit hard by the current economic recession. This can affect availability of parts, especially slower moving parts for older model cars which may become more difficult for ASP to obtain supplies, with some possibly phased out of production by the factories due to economic necessity. We will continue to offer as much as we can, but there may be product shortages beyond our control.

The ASP catalog is lifeline to the parts that you need. If you do not have a copy, the quickest way to get one is from your distributor. The ASP catalog is also a living document, with the most up to date information posted on our website Our website also has a section to list errors and updates.

When you find the part you need in the catalog, go to pages 213-233 and find the popularity ratings of the respective part number. All products have been assigned the following popularity ratings:

A - Most popular items

B - Second most popular group of lock cylinders

Y - Replacement parts (keying kit refill tumblers, face caps, etc.), popularity equivalent to B rated lock cylinders.

C - Third most popular group of lock cylinders.

Z - Replacement parts (keying kit refill tumblers, face caps, etc.), popularity equivalent to C rated lock cylinders

H - Slow moving items, in stock at very few distributors but available for drop shipment from the ASP warehouse.

S - Special order items only, may not be in stock at the ASP warehouse. Availability may be subject to minimum order requirements and lead time.

DWO - Discontinued when out, but limited stock may be available at some distributors, so it does not hurt to check if you need one of these items. These items are listed in the catalog as reference for those who may still have some in stock.

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