CargoLock to the Rescue

A majority of general tradesmen and most locksmiths use a van for business. Vans can carry a lot of tools and inventory. They are roomy enough to provide a workshop out of the weather, and the large side panels are an ideal location for advertising your business.

While advertising is essential for generating business, it can also attract the wrong kind of people. They see your truck and tools as something to steal. Van theft extends far beyond locksmith vehicles. Panel vans are designed to carry valuable tools and merchandise, so they have automatically become a target for thieves.

This is where Cargolock can save the day. Cargolock manufactures an electronic sliding deadbolt lock for securing side and rear van doors. Cargolock units for hinged and sliding doors are specially designed for specific vehicles. Models include ‘92+ Ford full size vans, 97+ Chevrolet full size vans, all Chevrolet Astro Mini Vans, ‘94-’05 Dodge full size vans and ‘04+ Sprinter vans. In addition, a universal mount system is available to secure roll-up doors on cube vans.

Most Cargolock units are installed inside the rear and side door cavities. No parts are visible on the outside of the vehicle, preventing tampering. Cargolock units are not exposed to weather elements whereas either factory installed locks or added rim-mounted hardware can be susceptible to freezing or rusting.


Begin by removing the inner door trim panel, if so equipped. Models designed for specific vehicles are supplied with templates which use existing features such as the door latch to help position the template at the correct vertical and horizontal location. Once the hole locations are found, holes are drilled according to the template specifications. On some models it may be necessary to remove small sections of the inner door skin for clearance. Cargolock recommends applying a small amount of putty to the stationary door frame in line with the lock bolt. Manual movement of the lock bolt into the putty will provide an imprint of the exact location for drilling the strike plate hole in the stationary door

The Cargolock Security System comes with all necessary mounting hardware and fasteners.

Inner door panel trim must be cut to allow installation of the manual release lever and trim plate. The manual release lever allows owners to lock or unlock the Cargolock unit from the inside of the vehicle.

All wiring is included for electrifying the side and rear door openings. A wiring diagram furnished with the kit shows where to route the wiring from the cargo area to the dashboard. A rocker switch comes as standard equipment. The rocker switch can be mounted in a hidden location under the seat or behind the dashboard. The rocker switch electronically locks and unlocks the cargo doors and is wired to the 12v ignition circuit so that it is only functional when the ignition key is in the on position.

An optional keyless entry system is also available for controlling locking and unlocking, using a remote control key fob. The locks can also be wired to the factory or aftermarket alarm system for convenient remote control operation.

Instructions simplify the installation of mechanical parts of the Cargolock system. Wire routing will probably take the most time. Cargolock states that the average total installation time is approximately two hours for the basic system. Complete installation instructions can be seen on the internet at

Cargolock systems are easily installed on less popular vehicles with little adapting. A surface-mounted system for cube vans or other vehicles is also available.

To become a Cargolock installation station, or for more information on Cargolock products, contact Cargolock at 800-929-4700 or