Selling Home Safes

A safe rating label indicates the minimum standards to which a safe has been rated. Not all brands of the safes in a specific category offer the same protection.

• Your customer or you should always bolt down small safes to the floor. Small safes can be stolen by being carried off.

• A safe that weighs less than seven hundred fifty pounds is considered portable by the industry.

• Bolting down a safe adds profit.

• If your customer lives in a multi-story home, consider keeping a fire safe on the bottom level. This eliminates the possibility of the safe falling as a result of fire and opening prematurely.

Because memory capability has increased dramatically. Flash drives are available with up to sixty-four gigabytes of memory. A higher level of burglary protection in a fire/burglary safe can prove to be more economical if you sell the customer a media container that can be placed within the safe.

To become more knowledgeable about safes, contact safe manufacturers on the Internet and download brochures. Talk with your locksmith distributor. Find out the shipping costs. It may be more practical for you to purchase safes whose manufacturers are close to your location.

In addition, Underwriter’s Laboratories Standards can provide additional information on safe, combination locks and relocks. Here is a list of the Safe related standards:

• UL 72 Fire Safe Standards

• UL 687 Burglary- Resistant Safe Standards

• UL 768 Combination Lock Standards

• UL 140 Relocking Device Standards

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