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It’s rare in this day and age that a company can claim to have been in business for more than 50 years. This is particularly true in the security industry, where many businesses started shortly after Sept. 11, 2001. That being said, for more than 50...

Specialized safe classes include instruction on the skills required to service, maintain and inspect GSA approved security containers in the GSA Safe & Vault Technician course. GSA: Inspector Certification enables the student to inspect and re-certify any GSA approved container if it meets specifications.

Other technical security related classes include Access Control Technician (ACT) and Automotive Locksmithing. ACT teaches how to become a proficient technician and installer that can service, maintain, and troubleshoot access control systems. Automotive Locksmithing includes two classes that cover the basics automobile lock servicing in Automotive I, then high security locks and electronic transponders in Automotive II.


LSI Physical Security classes are at the forefront of education for today’s corporate security training. The ten day Comprehensive Security Specialist Training course takes you through nearly every aspect of security including access control, intrusion detection, security lighting and even Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED). The course covers both equipment issues and policies and procedures. Mostly taught as contract classes, LSI offers Security Surveys/Security Audits in which students learn about pre-incident indicators and how to document risk and threat assessments. To eliminate those situations, Access Control Design & Management utilizes the most effective total systems design for prevention, while Intrusion Detection focuses on sensors and barriers for a variety of environments. Perimeter Security is a “first line of defense” course. Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) explains the best legal methods for surveillance. Successfully Managing Security Operations is crucial to today’s business both large and small.

Specialized classes include Aviation Operations Physical Security / AOPS, which deals with equipment and procedures for physical security in the commercial aviation environment, while Air Travel Interview / AIR teaches the proper methods for conducting security related interviews dealing with the traveling public. Supply Chain Security teaches the proper methods for identifying and preventing possible threats, security risks and terrorism in a supply chain. Cargo Crime Prevention incorporates the best practices to prevent theft from trailers, shipping containers and other shipments while in motion.

As technology and training requirements change, so does the training industry. LSI began as a correspondence school, and has now begun to offer training on-line. The first on-line class is the Comprehensive Security Specialist Training Program, available both through LSI independently, or with real college credit through Kentucky’s Bluegrass Community and Technical College system. Other classes are currently being formatted for on-line delivery.

Additional class information and schedules can be found on LSI’s website –

Also in line with technology, LSI offers ProSecurityNews, a regular security news and commentary for security industry professionals. ProSecurityNews is available on at no cost by email or on a website - – and for those of you technologically advanced, it is downloadable as a Podcast through Apple iTunes.

In addition to being a world class training facility, LSI is home to the Museum of Physical Security, which is considered to be America’s most comprehensive collection of safe locks. The Museum houses locks from the 13th century to today and is open for tours Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5p.m.

There are few companies in the security industry that provide the level of expertise available through LSI.

For more information, contact Lockmasters Security Institute, 1014 S. Main St., Nicholasville, KY 40356. Phone: (859) 887-9633 or (866) 574-8724. Fax: (859) 887-0810. Web site:

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