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What are maximums for internal and external storage?

Internal: 4bays, 4TB, External (AP-ES): 8 units, 36TB


How is configuration/setup performed?

APEX DVR is another easy to install and easy to use DVR from NUVICO. The DVR configuration is separated in to three levels. ‘Record Wizard’ would let the users configure the DVR based on how many days that they want to keep the recording. ‘Quick Global Record’ would let the installer can setup the DVR in simple recording mode in no time. Finally the ‘Advanced Recording Mode’ would help SI companies to configure the DVR for complicated situation to fulfill a customer’s needs in any application.

The Remote configuration is the same structure as the DVR. The seamless interrelationship between the two would save time on internal training and on-site customer training.

What software is supplied with the DVR?

APEX DVR comes with Multisite NUVICO EasyNet VMS Lite which would let the user to connect up to 500 DVRs and view up to 64 cameras in one screen. It also comes with EasyNet WebViewer and miniplayer.

What would the practical difference be between the system management of a single APEX 32 channel DVR as opposed to a system utilizing 2 16 channel DVRs?

By using two 16 channel DVRs, the site is backed up by two fail points for 32 cameras. If a DVR fails for any reason, a mission critical channel still can be kept recording on the 2nd DVR.

However, if 32 channel DVR is implemented, the site only has single point of failure. If the DVR fails, the whole site is down. Nevertheless, the customer can still save up to 35 percent by using a 32-channel DVR with a good backup plan.

How would the storage capacities compare between these two configurations assuming all channels are used?

The 32-channel unit will use double the space compared to 16 channel unit.

What features of the APEX differentiate it from competitor’s products?

APEX uses advanced dual MPEG4 and MJPEG compression for various network transmission options. The quality of true D1 with the real-time image recording on APEX DVR is second to none in the market. The reliability of the APEX DVR is proven by the Gaming industries and AP-D1600 complies with various state gaming standards.

Most importantly, NUVICO’s latest technology ‘Multi-Layer Streaming over Network’ dramatically enhances high quality video transmission over the network.

What factors determine if a small or a large PTZ is used?

Most of the residential or office complex application favors MINI PTZ over full size PTZ because of the size.  The size of NUVICO MS-Z10 looks the same size as the regular minidome camera if it is ceiling mounted. 10X optical plus 10X digital zoom power should cover most of the application on residential and small business installation.

However, those applications which require powerful zoom capability such as large parking lot, scrap yard, warehouse or transportation facilities should use full size PTZ.


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