Tapping Into The Video Surveillance Market

Sell yourself and your systems on the basis of value rather than price.

NUVICO’s products have a reputation of being a “dependable and reliable source,” and have enjoyed continuing success expanding rapidly around the world as well as North America. They pride themselves as having the most reliable security solutions and dependable service with their partners (dealers) with their customer service team approach.

Last year we participated in a bid for a regional university (which we won, by the way) and the bid spec mandated a NUVICO DVR.

Why NUVICO? I asked the Security Director. He answered: Because they liked them! The software was easy for their staff to use; the connectivity (over the LAN and WAN) worked great, the images were clear and they were able to retrieve archived video without having to call a technician.

The NUVICO CI-Z30N ZOOM-MATIC is a unique surveillance product that combines zoom and IR illuminated night vision into a single device. We featured the smaller CI-Z10n ZOOM-MATIC last year. Both cameras offer the zoom and the IR; only difference is their physical size and operating range.

The NUVICO AP-F3200 DVR is their top of the line recorder. Key features include:

• 32- channels

• MPEG-4

• Quadruplex Functions with Mouse GUI

• Internal Storage Up to 4TB HDD

• Mirror Recording

• Expandable Storage Up to 32TB HDD


• Free DDNS Service

• 960pps Recording @ Half D1

• Multi-Layer Streaming over Network

• POS Support

The multi-level streaming compression technique allows users to store video at full D1 DVD-quality crystal-clear resolution, with the ability to stream the same video across a network or internet connection at a variable rate.

Multi-Layering allows the Apex DVR to selectively tune its IP/megapixel and analog video streams based on available network bandwidth and remote PC resources, providing excellent remote digital video monitoring performance.

Network features include:

• EasyNet WebViewer (IE 6.0 and 7.0)

• EasyNet VMS Lite (Multi-site Client Software)

• 10 Simultaneous users

• 2-Way audio over network

• Smart Search over Network

• Free Dynamic DNS Service for Plug-n-Play Remote Connection

NUVICO also offers the SD-Z18 & Z26 large PTZ cameras. The NUVICO MS Z10 is their mini-PTZ.


Locksmith Ledger contacted Luke Lee, business manager for NUVICO, and asked him some product and technology questions. Following are Ledger’s questions and Lee’s answers.

I notice that the AP-F3200 has five video outputs. What are some of the possible configurations for the four main monitor outputs?

This function is mostly for the high-end guard application such as bank or supermarket applications which did not have any other choice but buy expensive video matrix system to display different display configuration on different monitors.

For example, with APEX D-1600 in a guard application for a bank, they can have one monitor displaying all 16 cameras for general security on guard station, second monitor to display only those cameras that are important (such as entrance or safe-deposit box entrances) on guard station, third monitor for public display for the customers to see that they are on guard and fourth monitor for event pop-up monitor (so it will display cameras with an event in full screen)

A customer can save up to $5000 - $20,000 in product cost and configuration by using built-in video matrix system of APEX DVR instead of buying expensive video matrix system. This is a niche market for the installation companies where it never been easy or cost effective enough to work with.


Is a remote included with the DVR? is it the same remote as is supplied with the Zoom-matic?

APEX DVRs comes with a remote controller; it also supports mouse for easy operation. However, it is not the same remote as Zoom-matic. Each remote are specially designed for each application.

What are the internal/external memory capacities for the APEX? Is externally archived video as readily available as the internal HDDs?

APEX DVR supports up to four SATA HDDs which can store up to 4TB. Regular APEX series also works with an external storage unit AP-ES. Each AP-ES supports up to 4TB with 4 removable SATA bays and it can be cascaded up to eight units to make total of 36TB HDD storage space including HDDs in the DVR. The miniplayer which also burned in to the backup DVD/CD or USB thumb drive plays back the video instantly right off the backup medium.

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