Dispenser Keys: A New Profit Source

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. Steve Catona is a businessman in the Chicago area who recognized the need for a product and began a business to meet those needs.

In this case the need was for replacement keys for washroom dispenser machines. We may not recognize names like Tork, Georgia Pacific, Bradley or Baywest, but they are all companies who make washroom towel dispensers, soap dispensers or waste receptacles. Some of the keys are shaped like normal cam lock keys and operate tumblers in the locks. Other dispenser locks have no tumblers and require keys having odd shapes to simply move the locking bolt to an unlocked position.

At one time, dispenser keys consisted of a few popular key blanks that were readily available to locksmiths through aftermarket key blank manufacturers. Security needs have changed and many dispenser manufacturers have moved to more exotic shaped plastic and unusual stamped steel keys.

Until now many of these new plastic and steel dispenser key types have not been easily available. Unified KeySource has developed business relationships with the various companies in the dispenser field and makes these keys readily available to the locksmith industry. You can now add another profit center to your business.

Unified KeySource also carries assortments of dispenser keys specifically collected for the locksmith market including a locksmith starter pack, a mini starter pack, a stainless steel set, a Kimberly Clark set, a Georgia Pacific set, a Tork starter pack and an E114 starter pack completes the groups. In addition, Unified KeySource also stocks several popular electric switch keys for vandal-proof switches often used in schools and commercial buildings.

Our chart on page 42 shows the various keys stocked by Unified KeySource and a cross reference for use by different dispenser manufacturers.

Normal wear and tear or vandalism can render a dispenser machine useless. Unified KeySource has added to their line by stocking complete dispenser units.

Photos of the various dispensers can be viewed on their website at: www.unifiedkeysource.com. You can also call Unified KeySource at 888-989-KEYS (5397).