Installing The DORMA J200 Interconnected Lockset

Special tools: None Time to install: Retrofit 30-45 minutes Warranty: Five years limited An interconnected lockset can provide the security of a keyed cylindrical lock and singled-sided deadbolt with the added advantage of single action...

Step 10. Insert the deadbolt having the tailpiece slide through the bolt hub and the interconnecting plate hub.

Step 11. Attach the two dead bolt mounting screws through the interconnecting plate. Do not tighten.

Look at the “L” and “R” holes on the interconnecting plate. The hole closest to the lock edge of the door should be covered. This indicates the lock is properly timed.

Step 12. Insert the key into the deadbolt. Retract and extend the bolt using the key.

Step 13. Place the inside lever over spindle and onto the lever driver. The long leg should slide into the opening at the base of the lever. Rotate the lever to retract the bolt and latch. Remove the lever form the spindle.

Step 14. Tighten the four mounting screws securing the leverset and the deadbolt.

Step 15. Slide the inside escutcheon onto the interconnecting plate. Install the two mounting screws.

Step 16. Install the inside lever. Test the operation of the lock.

The standard latch bolt and deadbolt combination is a 1 x 2-1/4-inch square front with a 2-3/4-inch backset. The standard deadbolt is adjustable to a 2-3/8-inch backset. Latch and bolt options include radiused corners and a 2-3/8-inch backset.

The DORMA J200 Series Interconnected Locks are available five lever trim designs and up to four standard finishes depending upon the lever. For interior application leversets, use the DORMA C400 Series locks.

For more information, contact your local locksmith wholesaler or DORMA Architectural Hardware, Dorma Drive, Reamstown, PA 17567. Telephone: 800-523-8483. Fax: 800-274-9724. Web site:

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