Installing the Abus Rekeyable 41UK Series Laminated Padlock

The laminated padlock has always been a security product that actually looks secure. The gray metal, rough finished laminate body is built from a number of individually stacked, thick and solid looking hardened steel plates. The laminated body is held...

Once the lock cylinder has been combinated, rotate the key to the locked position and remove. Always test the operation of all of the keys before the lock cylinder is installed into the padlock.


To assemble the ABUS 41UK Series Padlock:

Without having the key in the lock cylinder, carefully insert the cylinder into the padlock body.

While holding the lock cylinder in place, insert the key and operate the lock in order to release the shackle. Pull out on the shackle just far enough to clear the leg. The shackle is not spring loaded at this time. Releasing the shackle provides additional room in order to insert the shackle spring.

If the shackle is being replaced, it should be changed out now.

Turn the padlock upside down, having the shackle hanging down.

Remove the key, leaving the lock cylinder in place.

Insert the shackle spring into the shackle slot.

Place the cover plate onto the body with the lettering visible. While holding the cover in place, insert the two provided rivets into the holes. While holding the cover plate in position, insert a key and make sure the padlock can be unlocked. Test the padlock with each key.

When you are certain the padlock operates properly, secure the two rivets using a rivet gun.

Next, secure the shackle. Because the shackle can be changed, the final step is to hammer the shackle retainer flat. The shackle retainer is located on the side of the eighth laminate. Hammering the shackle retainer flush with the other laminates obstructs the shackle slot, permanently mounting the shackle into the padlock body.

To secure, lock the shackle into the padlock body. Place the padlock body onto flat side with the protruding laminate (shackle retainer) pointing up. Use a hammer to pound this laminate flush.

The ABUS 41UK Padlocks are available as complete units with different shackle lengths and less shackle. Replacement components include steel rivets, lock cylinders, shackles and springs, and bottom plates.

The 41UK Series Padlocks equipped with the RH5 keyway lock cylinders can be rekeyed using the ABUS 24SK1 Pinning Kit. This kit can be used to combinate specific models of the ABUS Diskus®, laminated, brass and solid steel padlocks. The pin tumblers contained in the 24SK1 Pinning Kit are balanced. There are five depths of pin tumblers. Each bottom pin has a specific top pin.

Because of the similarities of this very commonly used key blade shape, it is better to use original equipment RH5 keyway key blanks. The ABUS key blank number is 24RK/26KBR.

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