What’s In Your Toolbox?

Invest in high quality tools and equipment, making sure to keep them all in good working order.

Inspection scopes will give a view of the internal working of the safe mechanism. Scopes are available in a standard optical format or by specialized equipment that allows you to view the progress on a small LCD screen. Manipulation of the working mechanism including re-lockers can be achieved by seeing exactly what is happening on the inside of the safe.

Assorted pullers are designed to remove safe dials or safe deposit box noses. Specialized picks and other equipment can also make the job easier. Any safe opening technician realizes the right tool can save hours of frustration when a safe or safe deposit box is locked up.

Again, include a tarp to protect the floor and clean up after the drilling job is complete.

Electronics TOOLBOX

An electronics toolbox will need to include a number of special application tools not found in your regular set of tools. A multi-meter will allow you to check voltage, resistance, continuity and more. A quality meter can be purchased at a reasonable cost. These tools are extremely important to have on the job site.

Crimping tools are used to secure connections for wires and cables of various sizes. In a crimp connection, no solder is needed. The plastic cover provides protection from unintended cross connection. In a soldered connection, the pair of wires must be wrapped with electrical tape or heat shrink tubing to protect the connection from contacting other metal surfaces or bare wire.

Long drill bits and wire pulling tools can be used to locate and drill holes for the wire run. Long flexible bits will reach down into hollow walls and through inaccessible pathways. The wire pulling tools will allow you to find a lead line or wire hidden behind a hidden wall or area or inside of a conduit. Pulling the wire on a long wire run can mean repeated trips up and down a ladder. Although it won’t fit in your toolbox, a heavy-duty multi-position sturdy ladder is essential to doing the job safely.

A battery operated or electric drill motor will allow penetration of most wall designs. Wood, aluminum or drywall will cut with regular bits but concrete, stone and masonry material will require special bits.

A good supply of wire in varying sizes will be needed to complete a variety of jobs. Make sure you are using the right wire or cable for the job. If in doubt, consult your local locksmith distributor or electronic product manufacturer. Most requirements are called out on the specification (spec) sheet or installation instructions, including the maximum wire run.

Exceeding the manufacturer’s recommendations can result in the equipment not working properly or not working at all. Extended wire runs can result in voltage loss to a point of sporadic or even non-operation. By reading the directions or calling for help, you can usually find a simple alternative to solve the problem at hand.

Wire nuts make a quick and easy alternative to crimping or soldering. A supply of various sized shrink tubing will protect and dress up an installation.


A variety of retail and institutional locksmiths were contacted for this article. Personal preferences varied for tools, machines and manufacturers. No one locksmith had all of the tools and equipment represented by this group of companies, but many were close.

What you choose to include in your toolbox is usually a result of trial and error over the course of years on the job. One tool you find you couldn’t live without might be shunned entirely by your colleague.

If you haven’t done so already, it is a smart idea to make a list of your tools, including serial numbers for insurance purposes. Take a virtual walk-through of your truck and tools. In the event of a loss or theft, it will be easier to show digital pictures or videos to your agent than to try to remember what is missing. A 30-minute effort on your part could be worth thousands of dollars in compensation should the worst ever occur.

Here is an alphabetical listing of tool companies that were discovered in use during research of this article, highlighting their specialties and website contacts.

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