SCHLAGE bright blue: Wireless and Wired Access Control

This an open architecture, web-based access control system lets users access, monitor and manage their access control system from any computer running a standard web browser

Single credential Schlage proximity, magnetic stripe and keypad readers and any single credential readers with a Weigand output are compatible with bright blue. These readers require a Reader Interface (RI) that connects the components at the door for transmission to the controller.

New features released in 2009 include a Network Reader Interface and Video Integration of up to 32 cameras.

As a result, credential data and door status information required by the access control panel, such as door position or request-to-exit status, are passed via RS-485 communication from the lock to the panel. The bright blue controller panel maintains control of the lock status and visually indicates status of locks, electric strikes or electromagnetic locks. All monitoring is captured in memory on the panel and viewed by a PC.

The Network Reader Interface (NRI) has a network Ethernet connection built in to connect into the Local Area Network just like the bright blue controller. The door data and status information communicates between the two through the network.

The Schlage wireless WA Series Integrated Locksets and the wired VIP locks come with a proximity reader, door contact, request to exit, and electrified lock all built into the lock. The wireless locks communicate the card data and door status information back to the bright blue software through the Panel Interface Module. The VIP lock is hardwired and communicates directly into the bright blue controller panel.

Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies offers bright blue training classes in a number of locations to help locksmiths understand and compete in this market. Key Dingbat

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Igor Telyatnikov has experience with mechanical and electronic security products, and has worked as an access control systems integrator. He is currently an opening solutions consultant for Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies in Southern California. He can be reached at

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