Customizing A Safe

In the past, burglary safes were stashed in back rooms, hidden from view. Floor safes were installed in garages or in some back corner of a home office or closet, covered by a rug or carpet. In those days, safes were kept in dark out-of-the-way places...

Depending upon the customer’s needs, the interior of the safe can have added protection. For example, a stainless steel liner option can be installed on the interior of the body and the door to resist torch attacks.

A tempered glass or Plexiglas inside panel exposing the boltwork has become a desired option. Fort Knox Legend Series safes are equipped with tempered glass interior panel that shows the patented Rack & Pinion multi-gear locking mechanism. Each locking bolt operates independently of one another, with up to 55 rack and pinion gears driving up to 28 1-1/2” locking bolts. For the example Fort Knox Legend, the tempered glass panel covers the nickel plated multi-gear locking mechanism.

For a functional inside panel, safe manufacturers offer a variety of door mounted holster systems which range from individual holsters and pockets to full fabric panels that are available for the different size safes. The larger the safe, the more holsters and pockets it can have.

Liberty Safes offers the Accessory Fabric Door Panel that has quick draw holsters, zip pockets, choke tube holders and Cool Pockets for documents. This panel is standard on Lincoln safes and above, optional on Franklin Series Safes.

The inside of most safes can be configured in an almost infinite number of ways. Shelves, drawers and cabinets are optional or standard features. In many gun safes, cutout shelves enable rifles to be positioned in one or more layouts. Cover plates convert the cutout shelves to standard shelving. Storage cabinets and individual drawers are commonly available. Velvet lined jewelry drawers come in various sizes. Layout options vary by the safes’ internal dimensions and if the customer wants custom or standard components.

American Security Products (AMSEC) has introduced two- and four-drawer interior wood cabinets to store jewelry, coins and papers in a letter-sized file. These solid maple drawer fronts and maple veneer storage cabinets are finished in a honey maple stain. These cabinets are a standard safe size and can be the interior or a portion of the safe’s interior.

The four-drawer chest has red felt-lined tray drawers with organizers for content presentation. The top drawer has two organizers, a ring-holder compartment with two open spaces and a seven-compartment organizer with three long spaces and four small spaces. The second drawer organizer has three long spaces. The third drawer has a nine=compartment watch organizer. The bottom drawer is open for easy access of larger items. The four-drawer chest weighs 32 pounds.

The two-drawer chest has one red felt-lined tray drawer and the lower drawer can also be a letter size file drawer to protect important papers. The two-drawer chest weighs 37 pounds. Exterior dimensions of the two- and four-drawer models are 16-3/4” high by 16” wide by 15-3/4” deep. Both drawer options have heavy duty, ball-bearing drawer guides.

Some safe manufacturers have as standard or optional a partial mirrored rear wall. This improves the visibility of items in the upper shelves of the safe. Fluorescent lighting is another feature to add illumination when the door is opened. Safe manufacturers offer a variety of fluorescent bulbs in various lengths, depending upon the size of the safe and the positioning of the bulbs. A 120 VAC outlet in the safe provides power for lighting as well as an electric dehumidifier.

In hot, humid areas of the United States, , a de-humidifier is recommended to absorb unwanted moisture inside the safe. For many years, desiccant was recommended for safes as no power was required to control the humidity with the safe. Desiccant is a moisture absorbing substance that can be dried out many times and reused.

Electric Dehumidifiers control the temperature inside safe to protect metal items from rust and mold. EVA-Dry Dehumidifiers are cordless units that reduce moisture by absorbing the humidity inside the safe. The unit is placed on any shelf. A color-coded readout indicates the amount of moisture absorbed. The EVA-Dry Dehumidifiers must be plugged into an outlet overnight in order to dry out.

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