SDC Expands Line Of Non-Electrified Mechanical Locks

Commercial and institutional locksmiths will be needed to install mechanical locks and master key systems for many years to come.

Electronic access control is increasing in popularity for security as well as value-added time and attendance functions, including determining when an employee arrives at work. Buildings are being equipped with proximity readers with audit trail capabilities and electrified locks, magnetic locks and electric strikes.

Most electronic access control is being installed to restrict access into a building or an area for specialized requirements. These requirements could include life safety, building separation, areas or rooms storing “valuables” including accounting, personnel information, medication, etc.

However, a significant number of doors in most buildings/facilities may not need to be equipped with electronic access control. I was given the opportunity to see the specification sheets for a new facility. Of more than 100 doors, less than one-third were being equipped with electronic access control.

The reality is that key-operated mechanical locks are nowhere near being obsolete. The cost and the practicalities of upgrading to electronic access control will not be justified by most “bean counters.” Commercial and institutional locksmiths will be needed to install mechanical locks and master key systems for many years to come.

Security Door Controls (SDC) is a manufacturer of access control products including readers, electrified locksets, magnetic locks, delayed egress locks, electric strikes, power supplies and control modules. Their electrified hardware is designed not only for controlling access, but also for life safety requirement including high rise stairwells and similar applications.

SDC has expanded their lines of non-electrified mechanical door locks to become a single-source supplier. This expanded product line makes the SDC hardware trim match for better aesthetics throughout a building whether the locks are mechanical or electrified. In addition, the mortise and cylindrical lock hardware offers a variety of trim options to coordinate with existing lock hardware.

SDC M7800 Series mortise locks meet or exceed the ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 standards. They are equipped with thru-bolted levers and an internal clutch providing vandal resistance. The lever can be rotated when locked without retracting the latch.

The armored front is standard at 1-1/4” wide by 8” tall, mounting onto the 3-15/16”deep x 6-1/6” tall x 29/32” thick case. The stainless steel latch bolt with anti-friction tongue has a 3/4” throw. Handing is field reversible without disassembly. If equipped with a deadbolt, the stainless steel bolt has a one-inch throw. The mortise cylinder and levers have a 2-3/4” backset.

Mortise trim is manufactured of reinforced brass, bronze or stainless steel. Trim options are roses or escutcheon plates. Levers are available in three configurations with returns that comply with California State Fire Safety Codes (Title 19) to within less than 1/2” of the door face. The independent spring cages provide positive lever return and maintain the levers in the horizontal position. The spring cages are reversible. The mortise lock trim is available in a variety of configurations and finishes.

Knowing the retrofitability of a non-manufacturer specific mortise lock to a specific manufacturer’s mortise lock is critical. If the openings are not similar, the original lock manufacturer’s trim may not be capable of covering the modification.

SDC M7800 mortise locks retrofit rose trim-equipped Schlage, Corbin, Lawrence, Hager, Cal-Royal, Dorma, Marks, Sargent and Arrow locks, requiring only the trim mounting holes to be relocated. Existing holes are hidden by the rose trim.

For Falcon, PDQ and Yale mortise locks equipped with escutcheon trim, the SDC M7800 mortise locks and trim require the mounting holes to be relocated and minor modification to the lock cylinder hole may be necessary. These modifications will be covered by the SDC trim.

If the door/opening is fire rated, the modifications required for retrofitting the SDC M7800 Series Mortise Locks will not affect the fire rating.

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