What’s New In Video Surveillance?

Although I am always on the hunt for new and exciting technology, finding out that a product is a loser is tough when you’re up against a deadline and clinging to the top of a 20 foot ladder.
We’ve had our share of disappointments, especially with video equipment that just doesn’t make the cut.
Missing parts and bad out of the box products are one example.  Was I shipped a factory return? Do they actually test this stuff before they ship it? Dead cameras waste time, cost you money and dishearten the client.
Sometimes a product is difficult to install, and once you have it installed, you cannot connect a test monitor. The only tech support contact is on mainland China, and you can tell that judging by the clarity of the installation instructions, the help on the other end will be unintelligible. Order a replacement and wait a month.
The key to avoiding the above problems is to carefully evaluate and select the products you specify, sell and install. Evaluate the manufacturers carefully, making sure they have a sound reputation and stand behind their products. The following are some of the good ones.

Clinton Electronics is celebrating its 46th year in the video and display business. They bring a half century of technical expertise design and manufacturing experience and solidly domestic technical support to the party. Their on-line store cuts out the middleman and offers a good selection of video products.
The company had its start in 1963 as a fabricator of black and white picture tubes for major brand television set manufacturers such as RCA, GE, Admiral, Westinghouse, and many more.
In the late 60s and early 70s, Clinton Electronics took advantage of the burgeoning mainframe and personal computer industries.  With explosive growth came rapid expansion. Clinton began to research future production areas and soon chose Taiwan as an avenue for expansion. In 1969, Clinton Taiwan Corporation opened to meet the ever-increasing demand for its products. By the end of the 70s Clinton had grown to be a worldwide leader in the monochrome CRT industry with several facilities in Taiwan, New Jersey, as well as the company headquarters located in Illinois.
By the early 90s, the monochrome CRT industry slowed with the PC industry moving toward color CRTs. With a broad knowledge of CRT production and image processing, Clinton then directed its efforts on specialty monitors and displays that were built for precise military and medical applications.
While specialty CRT displays are still manufactured in the Illinois factory, Clinton is now also fully committed to the video surveillance industry.
Clinton Electronics has been a major supplier to the CCTV industry for over 30 years through monitor and display production. In 2001, Clinton began channeling to security dealers and integrators. Today, Clinton is focused more than ever on the security industry and offers a full line of security products.
The Clinton Electronics product line includes cameras, DVRs, LCD monitors, public view monitors, CRT monitors, processors, monitor mounts, camera brackets, camera housings, lenses, power supplies, cable and tools and connectors.

The Clinton Electronics Vandal X dome camera was designed from the ground up to exceed nearly every industry standard for an outdoor vandal dome. The design is based on the result of nearly three years of engineering, R&D, and testing.
The Vandal X dome provides superior vandal resistance with a cast aluminum three-piece case, tamper resistant security torx screws, polycarbonate dome, and a powder coated exterior. Every component has been engineered to withstand abuse.
The three-piece Vandal X case design allows for the cable seal to be located on the inner case. By moving the seal to the inner case and rethinking traditional cable seal design, Clinton has achieved an IP 68 Weather Rating (The Industry standard is IP 66).
Installation: The Vandal X flexible installation features the following mounting patterns standard: Single Gang Conduit box pattern, Double Gang conduit box pattern, Side mount conduit holes and bottom-mount conduit holes
Additional Vandal X accessories are available for the vandal dome for wall, pole, and corner mounting.

Clinton Electronics offers several models of economy four-channel DVRs, including the  Model CE-DVR046 (Non-Networkable) and the Model CE-CRK 4 Channel Digital Video Recorder.
Clinton’s midrange CONTENDER DVRs (4-8-16 channel DVRs) and the Pro Series Model CE-DVR 400 have the following features:
Up to 480 FPS viewing and 240 FPS recorded.
Up to 680 x 480 recorded resolution.
Small file size using algorithm of MJPEG, JPEG, H.263 and H.264 compression, CIF file size of 1.2KB.
Back-up to DVDRW, Hard Drive, USB port, or to PC via SMS remote software.
500 GB SATA HDD comes standard. Holds up to three hard drives internally.
Redundant operating system on flash memory and hard drive.
Embedded remote software file on video clip for viewing on a PC without the need to install remote software.
VGA and composite BNC main monitor outputs.
Search by channel, time, date, motion, or sensor inputs.
Multiple recording rates for schedule, motion, event, time, and day.
Additional products include Public View Monitors and the IR Turret Dome Camera Model CE-T909. IR Turret Camera features include:
SONY 1/3” CCD (Super HAD)
580 TVL Resolution
42 IR LEDs
3.5 ~ 16mm (F1.2) Lens (Externally Adjustable)
Cable Through Bracket Design
S4 Digital Signal Processor
Digital Noise Reduction (DNR)
Sense Up Feature for Optimal Night Image
Digital Image Stabilization (DIS)
Back Light Compensation (BLC)
High Light Compensation (HLC)
OSD Menu Control via CE-REMOTE
Weather Resistant
Mounting Plate
DC12V / AC24V
For more information, contact Clinton Electronics Corporation, 6701 Clinton Road, Loves Park, IL 61111. Telephone: 800-447-3306. Web Site: www.clintonelectronics.com.

For years, covert video meant hiding surveillance cameras from potential criminals. Speco Technologies has now developed a new concept – hide the video recorder instead – and let the cameras be visible as a deterrent to crime.
The new DVRWM Series wall-mounted DVR is installed just like a familiar burglar alarm or electrical panel, but inside is the heart of Speco Technologies TL Series Pentaplex/ H.264 networkable DVR. Video is viewed remotely and the DVR cannot be handled by the end user. Available in 4, 8 or 16 channel versions, Speco’s DVRWM is a solution to DVR vandalism and theft.
Features include:
Wall Mounted DVR in a locked box for covert installations
No accessible user controls
Free DDNS server for use with dynamic IP addresses
EZ record, copy & setup
Free CMS software
Real time live display
IR remote control included
Available in configurations up to 2TB
Designed for network viewing
H.264 high quality compression
Pentaplex Operation - Remote monitoring, recording, playback, change system settings and dome camera control via Ethernet and/or Internet
PC/Mac computer compatible
Back up to thumb drives.
1 audio for each video channel
For more information, contact Speco Technologies, 200 New Highway, Amityville, NY 11701 Phone: 631-957-8700, 800-645-5516. Web Site: www.specotech.com.

CCTV Imports’ new WDR4600 offers wide dynamic range with 540 lines of resolution; 0.5LUX rating, a 1/3” Sony Digital Pixel System; a 2.9-10mm varifocal lens guaranteed to provide a quality image under a wide variety of conditions.  A roomy easy to install dome, extensive OSD with joystick, tri-axis mount, service output and dual power input complete the feature set of this new top of the line camera.        
For more information, contact CCTV Imports, phone 888-315-1219, website www.cctvimports.com.