Art Misiewicz: Institutional Locksmith Extraordinaire

This university locksmith is responsible for 22 buildings and more than 3500 individual door openings. Several different master key systems are used.

Art Misiewicz never intended to become a locksmith. He was attending college with plans to become a teacher and answered a newspaper ad for a part-time job. The job was at A&A Door Check and Lock, a successful business owned by a legendary character named Joe Zastrow. Joe Zastrow wrote several...

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Art Misiewicz ‘s Emergency Tool box
• Tool box is plastic (won’t mar or scratch any surface)   
• Universal screw driver with removable, changeable tips
• Safety glasses
• WD-40 spray can (tube shortened to fit under cover cap)
• Six-inch pieces of electrical and duct tape fastened to cover
• Small rag
• Medium-sized adjustable wrench
• Set of ball hex wrenches
• #3 Philips screw driver with square handle
• ps screw driver with extra long handle
• Needle nose pliers
• 1/8” Allen wrench with handle
• End cutters
• Medium sized square file
• Rose tightening tool for Corbin-Russwin 3600 locks
• Rose tightening tool for Schlage lever locks
• Schlage “D” wrench
• Driver tool to position lugs in IC core cylinders
• LCN door closer wrench
• Norton door closer wrench
• Probe for installing rubber door silencers
• Offset Phillips screw driver
• Mini rat tail file
• Half round file
• Small assortment of cylinder cams
• Small roll of yellow “danger do not enter” tape
• Homemade mini pin kit

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