Locksmith Ledger: Seventy Years And Going Strong

Locksmith Ledger celebrates its 70th anniversary this month. It is impossible to mention our anniversary without considering the man who started it all, Leonard Singer. Organized locksmithing began a century ago as a secretive trade with servicing...

Please expand upon the pre- and locksmith history of your family including their own history and the resulting business decisions they made.
I would like to add that I have been in three phases of the lock industry retail locksmithing, wholesale distribution and manufacturing.  Each segment has helped me understand better the problems encountered. As a distributor, I could see the needs of the locksmith and as a manufacturer I can see the needs of both the distributor in servicing the locksmith and the locksmith to his customer.
I have been asked, ‘What side of the business do I like the best?’ While I have had fun doing all three, my favorite is what I am doing now. It is rare when you can get up in the morning and look forward to going to work. I enjoy the creativity of developing a product, and people saying, “I want one”
Of the things that I miss is the people that I have worked with along the way. In the Major Lock Supply days we trained and got a lot of people started into the trade. One of our first employees was Lon Dahl, a good friend who I have known over 40 plus years. We started our friendship in junior high school; he was also my best man at my wedding. Other people who got their starts in the wholesale business are Beto Malagon, Tom Trector, Bruce Mason, Chuck Smith, Terry Brown, Ron Jungkeit, Kim Oymaian, Lori Elwell, Mike Guest and Barry Coffman. They are all still in the business and I would like to say I am proud to know and have worked with all of them.

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