Maximize the Value of Your Impulse Sales

Recognize that placement and merchandising drive impulse sales. Bright colors and eye-catching displays are imperative. Having the product within reach is critically important.

Mobile Environment
Every time you answer a lock-out call, you have a face-to-face opportunity with your customer to offer an add-on, impulse sale.   You can calm a frantic mother at a roadside lockout:  “Would you like a Collapse-A-Cone™ for your trunk in case you have another roadside emergency?”, “I have these new Remote Skins for that broken transponder of yours”, or simply provide an ounce of prevention with a Key Hider for a car.  You will find real-life experiences that require a need for these products.
Additionally, consumers get the opportunity to benefit from your product knowledge and expertise and a chance to hold the product to alleviate their pre-purchase fears.  When you let consumers “try before they buy,” they are more likely to purchase an unplanned item.
While packaging and merchandising may be less important in a van, it is still significant that your customer have a pleasant experience in order to consider an add-on purchase.

A Welcoming Retail Environment
In order to benefit from the value the impulse items can provide your business, a few key steps must be taken to create a welcoming retail environment for your customers:
Have the product within reach. This point is critically important.
Have a broad selection of product for your customers.  A locksmith once told me that no matter what he thought would sell, his customers wanted something else.  He started with a small retail display one year and the next year he asked for the largest retail display we had.  His sales and profits have increased accordingly.
A well-constructed display made with an attention to detail will enhance the product offering and suggest to the customer that the product on the display is top quality.

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