New Technology: Keypads, Card Readers & Scanners

The locksmith has an ever-growing selection of solutions to help his clients achieve their desired level of security. Like all sectors of the security industry, keypads, card readers and scanners have evolved and new and improved options are...

Another recent project was a retrofit for a keypad controlling the employee entrance for a department store down at the mall. Everything was there: a beat up useless old keypad, low voltage power supply and an electric locking device.
In this economy, some clients are pretty frugal. I wanted to provide an immediate solution at a reasonable cost to the customer without necessarily eliminating the possibilities of a future upgrade to a credential-based solution.
I supplied the Rosslare ACQ-44. The client loved the touch sensitive keypad, and when the economy recovers, I’ll suggest they transition to credentials for their door. Rosslare has been around for as long as I can recall, and they offer great value products at competitive prices.


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