NAPCO Introduces Indoor/Outdoor BioReader Keypad

The BioReader is easy to program, and functions as a mean and lean biometric access controller when deployed as a standalone, or an element in a powerful security management device when integrated with a GEM or other alarm panel.

Napco recently added its long anticipated indoor/outdoor biometric keypad to its Gemini product line. The BioReader keypad is designed to be used as a standalone alarm and garage door access control. It also integrates with most brands of alarm panels to allow arming/disarming with a keyswitch.

The BioReader works with all Gemini and Express security systems (3 and 4-wire bus) and operates electric garage doors and lighting systems. This allows the BioReader to be the nucleus of a powerful security tool, providing protection the premises, access control into the premises, and ambush/holdup reporting capabilities all in one system.

When combined with a full featured alarm control panel such as the GEM-X255, the BioReader provides a comprehensive security solution suitable for virtually any installation environment.

Users can arm/disarm the system and/or activate relay groups with the touch of a finger and not require keys or memorized codes. For example when integrated with the GEM-255, access control for multiple openings, and arming and disarming of the premises alarm can be assigned to up to 100 users.

Biometrics eliminates the possibility of code ‘pass-along’ and ends rekeys due to lost misplaced or stolen keys.

Napco’s BioReader three-way “live” finger detection verification technology ensures reliable use by those considered hard to print, such as persons whose fingerprints are worn out such as manual laborers, elderly, etc. and also thwarts use by imposters using photocopies or fake rubber impressions while anti-substitution prevents unauthorized keypad replacement.

The BioReader is small and offers a unique flip up cover to protect the fingerscanner. The scanner remains dormant until a finger is placed on the scanning window, at which time the scanner wakes up and within a second begins strobing the individual’s finger. The whole process takes about three seconds.

Fingerprint enrollment and deletion are simple and quick tasks to perform.

The time required to present a finger and get accepted (referred to as throughput) takes a few seconds with the BioReader, which is typical for this type of device.

Once users are properly enrolled, their fingers allow them to control entry into residential, commercial properties and parking as well as restrict unauthorized personnel access to sensitive areas, files, pharmaceuticals, expensive equipment, weapons and more.

Napco’s BioReader is rugged, vandal-resistant and is made with durable alloy metals to withstand temperatures ranging from 14 to 122 degrees F (-10 to 50 degrees C).

The BioReader includes a high-security biometric ambush feature that allows pre-selected buttons and your enrolled finger to silently call police during robberies. Additionally the BioReader has a tamper switch. Should vandals attempt to rip the BioReader keypad from its building, an alarm will trip and alert the authorities to the scene.

Audible piezo and visual LED indicators piezo sounder alerts users of the keypad’s armed status.

In high traffic environments such as entrances to busy office buildings, BioReader includes Stealth/Blanking Mode for no-show alarm status LEDs. This feature reveals alarm status only to authorized users without arming/disarming first. The alarm status captured in BioReader’s memory is automatically displayed with an LED indicator as a precautionary warning to returning visitors before they enter.

A durable scratch-resistant optic glass removable privacy shield is provided for privacy and extra privacy from passers by.


When used in the Stand-Alone Mode, the GEM-BIOPRINT provides integral relay activation to control an external device. When a valid PIN Code is entered or a valid finger’ print is presented, the GEM-BIOPRINT activates its integral relay.

When an invalid PIN Code or an invalid fingerprint is presented, a red LED flashes and a long “rejection” beep sounds.

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