Opening New Doors To Business Opportunities

The goal of the ADA EZ low energy door operator is to open up door automation to more end users by eliminating the need for electrical power.

Make sure the door is in normal working order. No sticking, binding, dragging, during normal operation. Two-inch minimum door top rail is required. 48” 250 lb. doors maximum or inquire about our heavy duty version. If latching or locking is required, contact our tech support department. Do not attempt to automate a door that is falling apart! If you think the door is going to be power operated more than 20 percent of the time, then just plug it in. Our HDWR unit would still be UL listed. A low voltage license is not generally required either is a permit. And we include 50 feet of cable. It is still door mounted, easy to install, and tunes itself to ANSI.

What is the product’s warranty? Any warranty exclusions?

Two years. Vandalism and abuse are not covered. A failed battery is covered but a low voltage condition is not.

What happens in the event of a unit failure?

Call technical support at 877-232-3987 to obtain an RMA. We will repair or replace the units as required.

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