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Threshold replacement is a new profit opportunity for locksmiths servicing the entire door opening, not just the locks.

National Guard Products manufacture a complete line of high efficiency thresholds and gaskets designed specifically to meet LEED guidelines. High efficiency gaskets and thresholds prohibit unwanted air from entering through the building envelope, controlling inside temperatures, preventing noise transmission, and lowering heating and cooling costs.

According to Neal Frazier, VP of National Guard Products, two factors should guide the selection of gasketing systems. “First, higher quality silicone, neoprene and nylon brush gaskets provide the better seal and retain their flexibility longer. Their useful life is longer, so they are both more efficient and more economical over time. Second, use easily adjustable products that can be periodically re-set to restore the original efficiency of the seal.”

Other LEED standards deal with acoustical performance plus materials and waste management. National Guard Products gasketing can contribute strongly to the reduction of background noise levels. National Guard Products such as aluminum, bronze and stainless thresholds plus all gasket products made with an aluminum retainer contain 75 percent post consumer recycled material.

While locksmiths are not generally involved in hardware decisions during new construction, existing buildings seeking to improve their LEED rating can be potential customers.

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