Gate Locks for Challenging Environments

The GL-l Electromechanical Gate Lock is designed for vehicle and pedestrian gates applications requiring a secure and weather-resistant solution rated at 2,000 lbs. holding force.

The GL-1 can be used on both electrically and manually operated gates and can be used for swing gates, sliding gates, stock cage gates or other applications.

The GL-1 also has a 1/2” conduit fitting which can be used for wiring. It is also possible to route wires through the back of the lock, in which case it is recommended that the conduit fitting be permanently sealed shut.

The Securitron GL-1 is just one of several gate locking solutions available from Securitron.

They have offered an electromagnetic lock with a conduit fitting and face mounting for a number of years, but recently introduced the GL-1 and gate bracket hardware components and kits for their electromagnetic lock and the GL-1. There is a hardware kit for swinging gates (FMK-SW) and a hardware kit for sliding gates (FMK-SL).

Although I am a custom fabricator from way back, these days my time is too valuable for me to waste it making trips back and forth from sites designing and building brackets. It is also not cost effective consigning a shop to fabricate me brackets.

The Securitron bracket kit is a good idea. They have two types, one for sliding gates and another for swinging gates. A kit may be used for either mounting a maglock or mounting a GL-1.

I surveyed the gate and determined that the pipe sizes of the fixed pole and gate pole, and their relative positions to each other were with in acceptable limits for the gate bracket kit.

The GL-1 operates on either 12VDC or 24VDC, and automatically senses which voltage is being used. At either voltage, current inrush is less than an amp, and holding current does nor exceed 300 ma.

If you anticipate voltage drop due to excessively long wire runs, you might want to consider using an end of line voltage regulator such as the Altronix VR2T, so you can use a large transformer (such as the Altronix TP2440 24VAC/40VA) and locate the regulator closer to the gate to eliminate voltage drop issues.

The GL-1 may be field configured for either fail-safe or fail-secure operation. The procedure to make this conversion takes a couple of minutes.

The GL-1 also has an integral gate position sensor which remotely indicates if the GL-1 is latched or unlatched.

The override key switch may be installed in either of two positions on the GL-1, whichever provides the most convenience for access and operation. A hole plug is provided to seal the unused opening in the GL-1 cover.

Secure physical mounting and adequate weatherproofing will ensure a secure and reliable installation.

Features and benefits of the GL-1 gate lock include:

Lifetime Replacement Warranty

2,000 lbs. holding force

Operates under preload up to 100 lbs

Automatic dual voltage - no field adjustment required

Current draw & Voltage:

12VDC 870mA inrush; 290mA holding Power Consumption: 3.5W

24VDC 720mA inrush; 170mA holding Power Consumption: 4.1W

Fail Secure convertible to Fail Safe

Manual key override {right or left hand)

Self-aligning receiver (+/- 1/2” horizontally and vertically) helps compensate for gate misalignment and sag

Includes latch status monitor

Tamper proof cast aluminum housing

Heavy wall l/2” inside diameter threaded steel coupling

Hardened steel latch

Surface mount

Black powder coated finish

Weather resistant


The Flex Mount Bracket System is a set of mounting brackets designed specifically for use with the 2000 lb. GL1 Gate Lock and the 1200 lb. M62FG Magnalock®

The kit includes pre-formed post channels and plates of varying lengths, permitting a professional looking high security gate lock mounting solution without several trips to the hardware store.

Post Shim Brackets are used to adapt both small and large Post Brackets to pole/post sizes smaller than 2” or 3” respectively in 1/8” increments - 1-7/8”, 1-3/4”, 1-5/8” 2-7/8”, 2-3/4”, etc.

When more than two shims are used together on a single post, welding the bracket to the pole/post is always recommended. All necessary mounting hardware including four Post Shims is included with each Flex-Mount Kit.

Features include:

Pre-configured kits include all lock mounting hardware and post shims

Post brackets are pre-drilled, lock and strike brackets are pre-tapped

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