Integrating & Interfacing Electronic Security Elements To Create A Custom Tailored Solution

Aiphone’s video entry system met the customer’s access control needs.

On a recent project, the client presented a set of requirements which necessitated that we provide an integrated solution for his site. The premises already had numerous (32) video surveillance cameras and an electronic access control system. However, it was inconvenient, and somewhat dangerous for them to handle the influx of non-cardholders, such as guests, deliveries and tradesmen who would typically visit daily. Their options were to leave doors unlocked or to open the doors each time someone arrived. Leaving doors unlocked for strangers was not a good security management practice and sending a person to open the doors for every visitor wasted time.

They had two entry doors through which such individuals would gain entry, and two locations within the premises, the receptionist’s desk and the building manager’s office, from where they wanted to be able to identify, speak with and control entry.

Existing cameras offered broad overviews of the exterior of the building, but it was determined that these cameras would not offer the desired views of the individuals so as to be able to identify them, or provide suitable visual support for a typical controlled entrance transaction.

They needed a video intercom, entry/access control. In addition they set forth a requirement that images of individuals approaching the two entry doors and pressing a visitor button would be displayed on a large monitor centrally located in the manager’s main office.

A manager or security guard would be able to view either door on this monitor or on either interior video intercom station and by pressing a button, trigger the existing electronic access control system to electrically unlock one or the other door.

Video intercoms have been around for a while, and the public knows and understands the benefits of video surveillance and door control. We’ve been supplying this type of equipment for years, and welcomed the opportunity to stretch out a little to provide this client with the extra features that would make their video intercom somewhat custom and unique.

Our first choice for intercom equipment has long been Aiphone for the style, performance, product quality and extensive feature set. Aiphone also offers extensive on-line and live technical support, so specification of the required products, pricing of the project, wiring diagrams of the system, and a detailed description of how the system will operate are all available to the installer.

Requirements were two interior stations and two door stations, as well as the ability to control electric door locks, and output video to an external monitor.

We used the Aiphone JFS2AEDV package which includes: one JF-2MED master monitor, one PS-1820UL power supply and one JF-DV surface mount, vandal resistant door station. We added a JF2HD sub-station, another JF-DV door station, and a RY3DL output relay to interface with the locking system.

In this case, the clients knew what they wanted, and only a couple of decision makers were involved. It was relatively simple for me to show them the proposed system documentation, make a few suggestions as to important features and considerations, and explain how the video intercom would be operated once installed.

Besides an extensive library of images and brochures, Aiphone also offers a three-part CSI Specification document which the locksmith can use to learn how the system will operate, and can customize and use for project quotes and sales presentations.


Commercial – Controlled entrances, interior offices retail stores, parking garages, loading docks and employee only areas

Educational – Primary and secondary schools, college campuses, controlled entrances, service areas and faculty rooms

Government – Local, state and federal government branches, courtroom security, airports and embassies

Healthcare – Hospitals, medical clinics, administrative offices, exam rooms, nurseries, pharmacies, and staff lounges

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