The Transformation From Mechanical To Wireless Communicating Locks

Wireless communication means no wires to transfer the information to a personal computer or to another lock.

Some electromechanical lock manufacturers offer upgrade paths for their products. Schlage AD Series Electromechanical Locks are designed to be upgraded. The credential reader and the communication module can be changed out.

For example, a company just starting out does not have need for multiple credentials, just standalone electromechanical locks. The AD Series locks purchased have just a keypad. Over time, they grow and want to institute employee badges using emerging technologies and wireless communications. The keypad reader can be changed out to a proximity or SmartCard credential. The communication module can be changed out to a hardwired or wireless communication module.

Over the years, lock manufacturers have developed specialty applications for some of the wireless communications battery operated locks. Persona locks are appearing on college campuses and housing. Persona technology is available through the Assa Abloy Group companies. Another specialty application is the Kaba-Ilco Oracode system. The standalone, battery powered Oracode is keyless and cardless. An electronic PIN based keypad equipped lock grants access through a time sensitive code. This web based software operated lock can be programmed to grant access from anywhere in the world. The end-user enters the PIN to gain access for a limited time frame. Once the time has expired, the PIN can no longer gain access.

Some standalone, battery powered electromechanical wireless communication lock manufacturers use proprietary software, which does not allow competitors’ products to be introduced to network. Other lock manufacturers including Sargent and Schlage have open architecture systems that permit the locksmith or the end-user to choose the 3rd party software and controllers.

Programming complexity varies from lock manufacturer to lock manufacturer. For existing Trilogy installations, standalone and Trilogy Networx locks can share a common database using the later versions of the Alarm Lock DL-Windows software.

The development of electromechanical locks provides greater opportunities to sell your customers on higher levels of access control with simplified installations. Many of these locks install into standard door prep. Some do not even require large cross bore opening that would affect a fire rated opening. Most lock manufacturers offer training for locksmiths.

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