Stand Alone Access Control Solutions From Securitron and Essex

The Securitron DK-26 is Securiton’s medium to high security keypad solution. The narrow keypad makes this system suitable for door frames with narrow frames. The basic system is comprised of a controller which mounts inside the protected area, and...

Another input on the SKE allows the connection of a timer or switch. The SKE allows users to be entered as normal users or 24-hour users. When the Time clock feature is implemented, users enrolled as 24 hour users are unaffected, but normal users will not be able to enter if the time clock input is activated. This is used for premises where one group of employees would only require entry during normal hours, while management users might require unlimited access.

Another handy idea is the latching or toggle mode. The main relay is programmed to actuate for a certain number of seconds when a valid code is entered into the keypad. However for many applications, it is desirable for the door to remain unlocked for extended periods (for example for normal business hours). By making a user code a toggle or latching code, an individual who arrives at the premises in the morning enters a code and the latch command and the door remains unlocked until that user or another user who has been so empowered enters the code and the unlatch command, relocking the door again. All other users still enter their codes to achieve momentary access through the door.

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