HASPS –The Closing Mechanism for Padlocks

People have been locking up their possessions forever. To secure possessions, there are specialized locks like door locks, vehicle locks and utility locks. These types of locks provide specific functions. They are not designed to be taken off and used for...

The file cabinet locking bar provides additional security for metal file cabinets. These padlocking bars are mounted onto the front of the file cabinet, which does not block adjoining file cabinets in either unlocked or locked positions. The locking bar slides into or out of the locked position of the mounting bar. When in the locked position and padlocked, the locking bar cannot be raised, obstructing the drawers from being opened. Also in the locked position, the mounting screws are concealed. The file cabinet locking bar can also be installed onto rollaway cabinets or any steel drawer equipped cabinet.

The final hasp for this article is the Padlockable Cam, a cam style utility lock that uses a padlock for the locking mechanism. Instead of having a built-in key operated locking mechanism, the Padlockable Cam has an “L” shaped arm extending from the housing and a similar “L” shaped arm extending from the plug area. Rotating the plug arm rotates the cam. A 0.400” diameter eyelet in each of the arms accommodates the padlock shackle. From the rear, Padlockable Cam looks just like a standard 1-1/8” long, threaded housing cam lock. This FJM Security Product fits into a standard cam lock cutout or a 3/4” diameter hole. It is designed to accommodate different styles of cams.

The variety of padlocks and hasps has made securing just about everything possible. With the different sizes, types and styles of padlocks available, there is security for just about every budget.

An additional plus is the ability for many padlocks to be purchased with a pin tumbler cylinder having a keyway that is compatible with commercial and residential locks. This gives the end user the ability to key the padlocks into an existing keying system.

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