Expanded Web Version: Door Operators: Opening The Door To New Revenue Streams

Automatic doors and operators can cause serious injury or death, when not correctly and safely adjusted and maintained. Only AAADM certified technicians should repair, adjust or maintain automatic doors.

4600 – this is our highest list price. The clutch feature is not cheap, but it’s critical. Having that closer act completely independently from the motor when used manually is absolutely critical for long life expectations in abusive environments. If that operator is constantly being manually pushed, the motor would fail before anything if it were being back driven like most operators. There is also a significant amount of adjustable features in the controller, many of which are not standard in other units. This allows it to be installed, and adjusted for specific environments. The unit is for applications where additional assistance is occasionally needed, but the environment doesn’t expect the unit to perform like a typical operator.

Benchmark – This is our lower abuse operator that has a number of adjustable features, but is not designed for all applications. This falls in price below our senior swing, because it does not have the robustness of the senior swing unit. This unit is not suited for highly abusive environments, but is priced for customers that require ADA code compliance, and still need it to be specifically programmable and have a number of features and options. It’s ideally suited for mostly automatic operation, but as long as it’s not a public school, or cross corridor at a hospital, then it can be used manually as well.

Falcon – this is our least elaborate operator that basically is our “out of the box” solution. Not overly programmable, single size, finish, less parts, easy to understand and install. It can be used in the same abuse applications as the Benchmark, but doesn’t quite have the same interface. This is our lowest cost unit because some of its limited features prevents it from being used in all applications.

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