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Automatic doors and operators can cause serious injury or death, when not correctly and safely adjusted and maintained. Only AAADM certified technicians should repair, adjust or maintain automatic doors.

For many reasons, this is not considered a safe or practical situation. The EEB2 has a timed operation, so that once the button is pressed, the maglock remains unlocked for 30 seconds, giving the person an extended length of time to reach the door, open it and leave.

So the residents could get in after hours when the electromagnetic lock would secure the door, the ESSEX SKE-34S piezo-keypad was used. User codes are programmed into the unit right at the keypad. No audit trail is available with the SKE, but for this project, none was required. The SKE is a robust attractive sealed keypad with no moving parts. Each time a key is pressed, an audible tone signals the user, and when the code entry is completed, a green LED illuminates and the keypad beeps three times. Door open time is programmable from 1 to 99 seconds.

Door operator systems require what is referred to as KNOWING ACT device which provides pedestrians an intentional means of activating a door operator, for example a wall switch, card reader, ceiling mounted pull cord switch, etc.

LCN offers a wide selection of these products and we supplied their model 8310/ 856T Round Wall Actuators with surface-mounted back boxes.

The system would be programmed to lock and lock on a schedule. Since this is a residence, and not a school or business, there were no concerns about snow days where a timer controlled door might unlock even if no one was coming in.

During the day when the door was unlocked, both entry and egress handicapped buttons would be operative.

After hours, when the door was locked, we still wanted the exit handicapped button to operate, but for individuals wishing to enter the facility the customer wanted visitors and guests to first enter their access code which would unlock the electromagnetic lock, and also ‘enable’ the entry handicapped button.

Measure carefully. Installation of the door operator requires that it be mounted in the correct location on the door frame, and the ‘shoe’ which is the part of the operator arm which mounts on the door be located in the location appropriate for the door width, door rail width and the door and frame “reveal.” The reveal is the dimension in inches between the face of the door and the surface of the door frame on which the door operator is mounted. The width of the door frame where the show is mounted is a critical measurement, because the arm must be parallel with the floor to look and operate correctly, and height where the shoe will be happy on the frame is a function of the height at which the door operator is mounted.

Line voltage must be provided to the door operator, as well as low voltage control and output wiring which will vary with the installation. It is important that the line voltage to the door operator cannot be run in the same conduit as the low voltage lines. Our project used metal wiremold so we had to provide separate paths for low voltage and line voltage. We left connection of line voltages to an electrician provided by the client.

The Falcon 8230/8240 Operator is a low energy automatic electromechanical swinging door operator for use on hinged, center pivoted and offset pivoted doors.

The product is designed for applications like assisted living and ambulatory care, low traffic store front entrances, or automating interior doors for added assistance.

An integrated intelligent power boost graduates additional closing assist when door nears latch. This feature helps to ensure secure closing to overcome external conditions and pressure differentials. The control box demonstrates its intelligence by detecting obstructions and will temporarily reprogram opening degree to avoid abuse to the door.

Adjustable features include:

Hold-open time delay

Backcheck speed

Backcheck/latch position

Opening/closing speed

SmartLatch – Senses and overcomes external pressure conditions with a graduated energy assist

Push ‘n’ Go – Selectable feature allows door to open automatically as soon as it feels pressure.

Open Position Learning – Automatically sets the opening position to eliminate wall and door damage.

Obstacle Obstruction Detection

Pre-Load Strike Assist – Removes load on strike lip with a one second delay allowing the door to release and automatically open.

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