Motion Detector Application

The Securitron XMS Exit Motion Sensor and DT-7 Prime Time Digital Timer meet a customer’s needs.

The DT-7 can be configured to activate the output relay in one of three modes.

Toggle mode is selected when the jumper block is set to the “J1” (factory set) position. In the toggle mode, the Prime Time is programmed to turn electrical devices on or off at selectable times over a week period.

In Double pulse mode when the module executes an “on” or “off” instruction, the relay pulses (energizes) for 1 second and then returns to a de-energized state useful for controlling devices that require a momentary pulse to turn on and off such as many alarm panels.

In the pulse modes, the test button function and relay connections are the same as in the toggle mode described in the previous section.

In Single pulse mode the relay will pulse when an “on” instruction executes (display changes from “off” to “on”) but not when an “off” instruction executes.

As you use the test button, the display will change from “on” to “off” (and back), and you will be able to see and hear the relay contacts switching for one second.

For this project, programming was pretty simple. They wanted the door to lock every evening at 8 p.m. and unlock every morning at 7 a.m. I used toggle mode and did not have to specify the day of the week when setting the real time clock or when programming the on and off events.

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