Motion Detector Application

The Securitron XMS Exit Motion Sensor and DT-7 Prime Time Digital Timer meet a customer’s needs.


In many jurisdictions, the combination of a magnetic lock, access control system and exit detector such as the XMS is considered an “access controlled egress door.”

The applicable section of the Life Safety Code calls for a redundant means of exit in the event of a problem with the detector.

Securitron advises: “This is typically a push button located 40-48 inches above the floor and within five ft. of the door. Pushing the button will directly release power to the magnetic lock and the lock shall remain released for 30 seconds.”

This can be easily achieved with Securitron’s Model EEB3 Push Buttons with integrated 30 second timer.

With the jumpers in factory set condition after a unit self test, it will detect moving objects at a different temperature than ambient. It will signal this detection by switching its LED from green to red. The LED actually mirrors the state of the REX relay rather than the lock control transistor. The maglock unlocking trails the REX output by 50 milliseconds, and the maglock relocks before the REX output resets. For applications where the XMS is interfacing with external equipment, this timing avoids false alarms.

In factory set condition, the lock control transistor will remain off for four seconds after detection has ceased (keeping the lock released). If, during the four seconds, the object moves again, the detection condition will be maintained for another four seconds after this “new” detection ceases. For the magnetic lock to relock, four seconds must pass with no detection.

The LED Logic Jumper controls the logic of the bi-color LED. When left in factory set position (jumper installed), the LED will illuminate red during a detection event and return to green in the rest condition. Removing the jumper will reverse these colors.

The Sensitivity Jumper makes the unit sensitive to movement in the factory set condition (jumper installed). It will become less sensitive when the jumper is removed.

The Time Set Jumper can be installed in any of three positions to alter the factory set trailing edge delay of four seconds. Four seconds is right for most applications.

This device has a “trailing edge” delay – i.e. the device Lock Control and REX Relay will remain latched until a time greater than the set time has expired since the last detected movement.

XMS Features

Request To Exit (REX) output

Easily adjustable beam pattern

Adjustable time relock

UL Listed

DT-7 Features

Prime Time Digital Timer is a 7-day (weekly) digital timer which operates on 12-24 Volts AC or DC; features a large LCD display; real time clock & on-board backup battery; plug-in 10 Amp DPDT relay; and intuitive programming.

The unit can be programmed for 12 on/off commands (6 on and 6 off), to weekday; week-end; daily; or 24/7 blocks, providing enough flexibility for most automated door locking applications.

The DT-7 also has a “First Man In” feature which delays operation until an external switch changes state and automates holiday programming in many applications.

This timer is simple to program, it has a integral battery so it won’t lose the settings or time if there is a power failure, and it uses a 10 Amp removable (and easily replaceable) plug-in relay.

The module draws i160 mA when “ON” (5relay energized) and 10 mA when the relay is deenergized regardless of input voltage.

The module is easily set to the current time of day. On/ off events are also simple to program, and a manual activate (Test) button on the module facilitates system tests without having to reprogram the timer into a time zone where an ON or OFF event occurs.

For example, you can program the timer so that the door will lock at 7 p.m. but you do not have to wait until 7 p.m. to verify your door lock wiring. One way would be to simply press the manual override button which will toggle the relay to the opposite state it is currently is. If you want to verify that you programmed the on or off event properly, you can quickly reset the on board clock to just before the target time and observe that the relay turns on or off.

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