Safe Moving Equipment

Selling safes normally carries two additional expenses: shipping the to your location presale, and transporting the safe to the customer post-sale.

IMPORTANT: When rolling a safe into a residence through a sliding glass door, use two 2x4s to create a rise and protect the track. Place the T6 aluminum plate over the track and 2x4s. Move the safe at a constant speed to avoid damaging the track.

One of the more efficient tools to move a palletized safe is a pallet jack or pallet truck. Most safes weighing 150 pounds or more are palletized. A pallet jack is a wheeled fork-equipped tool used to lift and move pallets by sliding into the pallet openings and lifting the pallet off the ground. Each of the two front wheels is mounted inside the forward end of the forks on a levered mechanism. When pressurized, the on-board hydraulic jack raises the forks vertically lifting the load upwards from about three to seven inches. A pallet jack raises the pallet just enough to clear the floor.

Pallet jacks are available hand-powered and motorized to allow lifting and moving of heavier and stacked pallets. Fixed and adjustable fork widths accommodate the different sized pallets. Fork lengths vary from 32 inches to more than 48 inches. A good starter pallet jack should have forks no longer than 36 inches and approximately 20 inches apart. Wider forks will make it harder to lift standard size safes. Narrow forks make it harder to lift larger, bulkier safes.

Bishamon® BS Series includes a variety of smaller pallet jacks. The Bishamon BS-55H pallet jack is a good size for general safe moving. It has 32 inch long forks that are 20.5 inches apart. Bishamon BS series pallet jacks are rebuildable.

REMEMBER: Very few safes are larger than 36” deep. A 36” deep safe will not get through most doorways.

When moving a safe, do not slide the pallet jack in completely. This usually results in one or two problems. This first problem is when the pallet jack tries to lift the pallet, the front wheel is on the bottom brace and the result is the safe cannot be moved because the pallet is broken. The second problem happens when the safe is moved against the wall at the end-user’s location. The forks of the pallet jack extend beyond the rear of the safe and with enough force, your customer will have two holes in the wall or two breaks in their molding.

Probably the most common tool is the hand truck. There are the appliance hand trucks, the electrified hand trucks and the electrified stair climbing hand trucks. When considering purchasing a hand truck, make sure the capacity is sufficient to handle the safes you sell.

Lectro Truck steel and aluminum power hand trucks are designed for a load capacity of 600 to 1500 pounds, lifting the safe from 33 to 41 inches. These battery powered electrified hand trucks provide sufficient height to climb stairs. Accessories for the Lectro Truck include, the All-Terrain Wheel Assembly and the Hook Box. The All-Terrain Wheel Assembly has air filled 15”x 6” wheels that clip onto the rear. The hook box installs into the bed of a pickup to enable the Lectro-Truck to act as a powered lift gate.

The ULTRA LIFT™ powered hand truck is fabricated from aircraft aluminum extrusion. The battery powered 1500 and 1500L models have a load capacity of 1500 pounds with a lift height of three or four feet, sufficient to climb stairs. The ULTRA LIFT is equipped with a four wheel snap-out dolly to ease moving heavy safes on flat surfaces. The 1500 and 1500L models weigh 120 pounds and 123 pounds respectively.

Standard appliance hand trucks are available from a wide variety of manufacturers at many price points. When purchasing a hand truck, make sure the truck is designed to lift the safes you have to move.

A fantastic companion for a hand truck is a wood or plastic framed four-wheel dolly. These rubber capped, carpeted, open or closed deck dollies can carry a significant amount of weight. Depending upon the design, the four caster wheels can be free rotating, making it more difficult to move in a straight line, but much easier to shuttle into a confined area. Four-wheel dollies are available from many suppliers.

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