Stealth Cabinet Security

When installed, the keyless and wireless StealthLock from Compx is an invisible cabinet locking system

Regardless of the version, every StealthLock has the following multiple operating modes, allowing for custom tailoring of the lock for each application.

Self-Lock Mode: When the open command is executed, the receiver will automatically relock in 10 seconds. This is ideal for situations where a busy parent, teacher or health professional may not want to have to enter a second code to relock the cabinet. If the open command is issued and the door is never opened, it will relock after 10 seconds.

Passage/Manual Mode: When the open command is executed, the receiver remains unlocks indefinitely until the lock command is issued. This is a great idea for when a storage cabinet will be made accessible for an extended period. The door will be able to open and close but will not latch until the lock command is issued.

It is easy to envision adding a magnetic catch to a door, to augment the latch so that it will remain in the closed position without actually being latched or locked.

Single Use Mode: This function allows the user to select their access code at the time of operation. For example in a library where personal article may need to be cached away temporarily. The supervisor code would be used to override or reprogram the lock if necessary.

StealthLock kits are offered in several configurations to meet the requirements of different markets and usages. Product components are offered individually so that any of the described configurations and use possibilities may be achieved, and multiple StealthLock install can be effectively managed.

CompX Security Products sounds new but it is the manufacturing umbrella for the former National Cabinet Lock, Fort Lock, Chicago Lock and Timberline Lock. Its STOCK LOCKS distribution program includes product from all four of the CompX brands and offers over 1,500 stocking products on the shelf at its two shipping locations, Mauldin, S.C .and Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

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