High security can have different meanings to different people. In its most simple form, high security can mean key control. Regardless of the size and strength of the lock product, forced entries can happen and some signs of damage will be visible. When a lock is bypassed by some type of manipulation such as picking, no visible damage can be found. High security locks of all types are designed to prevent or deter such surreptitious entries. Only those people having the proper operating key may gain access.

Key control is an easy theory to explain to customers. Every customer is a candidate for sales of key control products and every sale builds a larger and larger volume of customers who will return to your company for additional high security keys and cylinders in the future.

The choice of which high security product to sell should depend on factors such as the variety of retrofit products available, positive key control selling points, ease of servicing the product and cost of the product compared to other available high security brands.

CX-5 meets the competition head-on with an economical high security lock system which is simple to service and easy to sell.

One of the most noticeable features of CX-5 cylinders is the CX-5 key. A security groove is factory-milled into every blank. The sidewinder type groove operates five springless side pins in the lock cylinder. A sidebar forms an important part of the locking system in a CX-5 cylinder. When aligned by the proper key, the side pins form an opening which allows space for the sidebar to move inward towards an unlocked position.

There are hundreds of possible security groove configurations. The mixture of hundreds of security grooves and a large variety of keyways allows CX-5 to provide individualized, geographically chosen security keyway systems throughout the country.

Depending on the CX-5 cylinder length and type, each CX-5 cylinder also contains a full complement of between five and seven pin tumblers. No special key cutting equipment is required. Since the security groove is already factory-cut, keys can be duplicated on a standard key duplicating machine. A code card is also available from CX-5 for originating keys on an HPC 1200 or Ilco II code machine.

The combination of standard pin tumblers plus a locking sidebar system provides customers with positive protection to deter picking and key bumping attacks. Up to nine hardened anti-drill pins are inserted in strategic locations as a defense against drilling. A hardened steel sidebar and stainless steel top and bottom pins are available to meet UL 437 high security cylinder requirements.

CX-5 cylinders are designed for use in most popular retrofit applications. Rim/Mortise combo cylinders are available in 1”, 1 1/8”, 1 1/4”, 1 3/8” & 1 1/2” lengths. Tailpiece parts for both rim or mortise requirements are included with each rim/mortise cylinder for easy field-changing. CX-5 rim/mortise cylinders can be ordered in bright brass, oil rubbed bronze, satin nickel and satin chrome finishes. Rim/mortise combo cylinders in 1 1/8”, 1 1/4” and 1 3/8” can also be ordered with hardened and stainless steel parts to meet UL 437 requirements.

Individual CX-5 key-in-knob (KIK) cylinders are designed in 5 pin or 6 pin lengths to retrofit special applications in name-brand knob, lever and deadbolt locks. Model 9115 has a fixed tailpiece for knob/lever locks while model 9125 has a lazy tailpiece for deadbolt lock retrofitting. CX-5 KIK cylinders are also available with hardened and stainless steel parts to meet UL 437 requirements.

CX-5 also offers heavy duty high security deadbolt locks in single or double cylinder models. Deadbolt locks feature solid cylinder collars, a guard plate to deter ice pick attacks and a sturdy strike plate with four extra long screws for increased protection against forced entry.

A full line of interchangeable core cylinders are included in the CX-5 product lineup. Small format interchangeable core (SFIC) cylinders are available in either six-pin or seven-pin configurations. Depth, space and mathematic pinning formulas are similar to popular A2 SFIC systems. Additionally a CX-5 large format interchangeable core (#9906) lock cylinder is available for “Schlage type” applications. CX-5 also has an LFIC lock cylinder to fit “Medeco type” housings.

CX-5 has just added a #9165 KIK lock cylinder to their product line. This product includes a kit of five different tailpieces plus two washers for rigid or lazy tailpiece operation. Tailpieces can be set vertical or horizontal as needed. Everything is included in one package to retrofit many popular knob, lever and tubular deadbolt locks.

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