Electronic Cabinet Locks

Security for inside and outside of the cabinet

The DIGITLOCKS Inc. DL1200 Series of battery operated, electronic cam locks are equipped with a 12-button (2x6) keypad. The buttons are 1-10, C and #. Between the two columns of buttons, DL1200 Series locks have a printed sleeve that provides the option of letters arranged according to the alphabet, separated in common with a telephone. For example, the “2” button has the sleeve letters ABC. Like an all-letter telephone number, the DIGITLOCK DL1200 Series can be coded in the same way.

Model DL1201-K is a one user code lock. Model DL-1230-K is a 30-user code lock with key bypass. The users can be programmed as one-time users or standard user codes. Once a single-use code has been entered, the code is no longer valid when the lock has been relocked.

The code hierarchy is a Master, optional sub-master, up to 30 user codes or single use codes. The Master Code is programmed first and can be four to six digits in length. The length of the Master code sets the length of the Sub-Master, User and Single Use Codes. The Master Code can enter passage mode, suspend any or all codes and restore default codes and modes.

Two AAA batteries providing 15,000+ cycles power the DL-1230-K. A low battery warning signals (no audio) on the LEDs signals when they need to be replaced. In the case of dead batteries, the electronic cam lock has terminal on the bottom for unlocking with a 9volt battery.

The DIGITLOCKS DL-1230-K is 5-1/2” long by 1-3/8” wide by 1-3/8” deep. These electromechanical cam style locks are designed for new installation or can be retrofit to replace an existing cam lock. To simplify installation, the DL-1230 is equipped with field changeable spindle lengths to accommodate various door thicknesses. The door thickness range is from 1/4” (sheet metal) up to 1” thick. A straight cam and an offset cam are included. The hook cam is available as an option. These cabinet locks can be installed vertically or horizontally. For ADA locker compliance, DIGITLOCKS offers a small lever handle option for the DL-1230-K.

The standalone, door-mounted CodeLocks CL1000 and CL1200 Series electronic cabinet locks are one-piece battery powered units that operate a cam to lock and unlock the cabinet. “CL” locks are designed to retrofit cam lock applications that are large enough to accommodate the approximately 5-1/2” long lock bodies. CL1000 Series Cabinet Locks are available in 3/8”, 5/8”, 7/8” and 1-1/8” door thickness. Ten individual buttons operate the CL1200 Series locks. Five rocker switches operate the 10 digit choices for the CL1000 Series locks.

CodeLocks CL1000/CL1200 Series cabinet locks have four user levels: master code, sub-master code, user code and a single use locker mode code. The master and sub-master codes are eight digits in length. The User code is four digits. The Master Code programs the Sub-Master and the User Code. The Sub-Master Code can also program the User Code. The use programs the single-use locker mode code.

For example, at a gym, the lock is unlocked until a person places his belongings in the locker and programs a four-digit code. Once the code has been programmed, the lock becomes locked. When this code is again entered, the lock unlocks and remains unlocked until another four-digit code is programmed. If this code is forgotten, the Master or the Sub-Master Codes can open the lock, erasing the single-use locker mode code.

The CL1200 Series is supplied with four lengths of spindle adaptor that can accommodate most door thicknesses. Two AAA batteries provide up to 12,000 operations for CL1000 locks and up to 50,000 operations for the CL1200.

In case of battery failure, a 9 Volt battery is placed over the CL1000 LED’s (red +/blue -) providing power and the lock can be unlocked by entering the Master Code. The CL1200 has 9 Volt battery contacts along the bottom.

Component electric solenoid and/or battery powered cabinet locks are available from manufacturers including CompX, HES, RCI, Schlage (Locknetics), Securitron and Security Door Controls. This sampling of component-based electronic cabinet lock mechanisms includes spring latch, bolt, catch and receiver, electric strike or magnet.

Before installation, check with the manufacturer to determine the operating requirements of the device (lock, controller, reader, etc.). Make sure the output voltage of the power supply or plug-in transformer is within range prior to powering the system. Excess voltage can cause severe damage to the lock hardware.

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