Framon Sidewinder 2: The Right Machine At The Right Time

This new manual machine can both duplicate and originate sidewinder keys without the use of any expensive electronic components.

Thumb screws (photo 4) are located on the side of the machine carriage. After the thumb screws are unscrewed a few turns, the depth and space rods are disconnected from the carriage and movement of the carriage can then be controlled by the lever handle. The Framon instruction manual will indicate which size guide and cutter to use according to the key type being duplicated.

When looking from above, cutter wheel rotation is clockwise. Best cutting results are completed by starting key cutting at the right side of the key blank and closest to the bow of the key blank, then working towards the key tip. If the key is a four-track (cuts on right and left edges of the blank), continue duplicating at the tip on the left side, working back towards the keybow. The Sidewinder 2 can be quickly changed back to the key origination mode by turning the two thumb screws clockwise to reconnect the depth and space rods. The Sidewinder is made expressly for the locksmithing industry. The Sidewinder 2 is a smooth working, easy-to-use, economical solution for originating or duplicating the most popular type of automotive keys in use today.

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