Automotive 2010 Supplement: JMA TPH Adapter for the TRS5000 Cloner

The TPH Cloner attachment enables key duplication for most Honda®, Nissan, Chrysler, Mitsubishi®, General Motors® and many other brands equipped with Philips® Encrypted Technology.

Place the bow of the JMA TPX3 chip-equipped key blank adjacent to the ignition lock face.

Turn the ignition switch on and off four times in order for the TPX3 chip to retrieve, copy and save the required information transmitted from the vehicle’s on-board computer.

Insert the JMA TPX3 chip-equipped key blank into the TRS5000 machine and press the read button. Remove the TPX3 chip-equipped key blank.

Insert the customer’s key into the TRS5000 and read the customer’s key. Remove the customer’s key.

Insert the JMA TPX3 chip equipped key blank into the TRS5000.

Press COPY to copy the information to the TPX3 chip equipped key blank.

Cut the key. You now have a cloned transponder equipped key programmed to operate your customer’s vehicle.

For more information, contact your local distributor or JMA at telephone 817-385-0515 or Web Site:

Custom Fitting Transponder Blanks

JMA offers a unique opportunity to not only save money but have the ability to custom fit transponder-equipped key blanks. Because JMA sells more than 50 chipless key blank part numbers and separate transponder chips, locksmith can carry an increased variety of key blanks.

For example, the Ford 8-cut transponder key is available with a fixed value transponder or an encrypted value transponder. Having the chipless Ford 8-cut key blank and the two different transponders, either transponder can be installed to satisfy your customer’s vehicle requirement.

In addition, locksmiths can re-use transponder chips removed from keys by installing them into compatible key blanks. Locksmiths can reduce the cost of miscut keys by harvesting transponders. Transponder can also be removed from worn, broken or no longer used keys by removing the chips and installing them into JMA chipless key blanks.

Using JMA chipless key blanks and harvested and new transponders can significantly reduce your key blank inventory stocking costs.

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